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From The Notebooks Volume 1 – Mystical Readings features 7 previously unpublished deceptions for the close up magician, mentalist and psychic entertainer. He rides the peak of excellence in everything he does and his first video is no exception. Books by Luke Jermay. A Marked Personality This is a quite basic prediction which involves a deck of card. This has been called revolutionary, staggeringly effective and utterly simple.

Luke is not only one of my favorite performers, but also one of my favorite people. In this important volume, Luke has tipped the real work on using Suggestion Techniques. Can be done on business cards. Cartomancy is Jermay’s fiercely original solution to answering unwritten questions audience members simply think about. The most recent material though has seemed better for this issue. Dec 22, Return to Reviews – Electronic media format.

From the Notebooks Vol. 1 – Mystic Readings (by Luke Jermay) : Reviews – Electronic media format

The instant oracle is a nice routine starting from a novelty item, but becoming more noteboo,s. All of these top performers commented about its ease of application in performance, reading and demonstration settings. Based in the reputation that Luke has, surely is great material. Further study on cold reading. The Instant Oraclean amazing object to keep in your house. Jermay has written a total of 33 books and manuscripts on magic and magic theory, many of which are limited-release, but 4 of which have been published by magic companies and mass-circulated.


Unfortunately also “building blocks” while still excellent material suffers from the lack of proofreading Nov 7, But our inbox was quickly flooded with the same question: If any changes are needed we can do them easily enough!

This trick will make you seem like a miracle worker! In this one hour video?? The way the trick is structured and the application is the key to the success of this trick, and these details are all covered in detail.

I find that several of the routines are excellent, but what is truly invaluable for me are the concepts and the methods which underlie.

He has also worked with many other magicians notebloks mentalists as writer, designer of psychological illusions and program consultant. This is my first review and I’m a total beginner and that’s why I’m not going to give marks. Nitebooks makes the tricks versatile, practical and easy to perform for modern performers or magicians of all types. This is new for us: This trick can be performed as a Tarot Reading or anything else you prefer.

Luke Jermay was a consultant and designer for many He has won every contest he’s ever entered. From The Notebooks Volume 1 — Mystical Readings is a mixture of ready made miracles for you the close up magician, mentalist or psychic entertainer.


Things you need to know??

He teaches you about food?? When he is onstage, he is simply hypnotic. Additional links Vanishing Inc. This, coupled with his noteboos breaking applications of the four Convincers, is enough to transform and An unique story and a superb demonstration of personal reading to your spectator! Drags by Cody Nottingham.

The construction, the script, the thoughts hidden behind, the principles you’ve assembled This is a great trick to throw in table side with traditional magic, this is a routine that spectators will remember for a long time.

I’ll be watching two lectures by Mr Jermay next weekend.

Nov 3, HTML tags are not allowed. Within just a few hours this trick could be mastered and put to work confincingly. I’m looking forward for Vol. Anytime Enrique Enriquez is referenced, my ears perk up Posted: Your spectator shuffles the deck once more. The Tarot Magic Bullet, the notebloks answer to those spectators who want you to tell them about themselves.

Just complete your order as normal, and within seconds you’ll get an email with your gift certificate. This trick will make you seem like a miracle worker!

Luke Jermay

Tried, tested and easy to perform. Find Out how to pay. Painter by Perseus Arkomanis.