Luigi Cascioli (* Februar in Bagnoregio; † März in Roccalvecce di Viterbo) war ein ehemaliger Katholik, der sich als atheistischer. Luigi Cascioli, The Fable of Christ: Book of Accusation. ? Reviewed by Robert M. Price. This lively and interesting volume briefly. Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store.

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Atheism attacks Christianity in a lawsuit against its ministers for the abuse of popular credulity and the substitution of person. It is the first time in the history of mankind that a religion is prosecuted directly in a law case that will end with a verdict regarding specific and defined crimes.

At last cascloli has demonstrated the irrefutable inexistence of Christ. The creation of this figure was one of the most convenient and profitable inventions.

Professor and sculptor Giulio Tamburrini. Considering the Bible as a simple legendary narration in which a monotheist cult was invented and superimposed for political aims, nobody before Luigi Cascioli has ever demonstrated the inexistence of Jesus Christ.

The Fable of Christ

Following his own specific course the author reached the same result that the materialist thinkers reached on a general philosophical level, in particular the most modern of these, the scientist caxcioli dialectic materialist Federico Engels”.

Professor and Engineer Adolfo Amoroso. A clear message against every kind of integralism. Luigi Cascioli, historical researcher, has published a book – ” The Fable of Christ” – supplying overturning revelations regarding all the concepts and the historical falsities on which is based that enormous fraud called “christianity”. All the atheists in the world are aware of this fact, but it had to be proved. To prove the non-existence of what never existed was the obstacle surmounted by Luigi Cascioli.

With his profound knowledge caascioli the Holy Scriptures and his immense historical cascipli, the author is intentioned – now in possession of the irrefutable proof – to promote a legal action against the powerful Catholic Church.

Translated in three languages, this book-trial represents a real prosecutor’s statement. An unprecedented trial that will take place when enough money has been collected by selling the book. I support the cause of Cascioli heartily, we’ll support him with the Magazine of Leman, doing all our best to realize this trial.

We have cascuoli got in touch with two French television channels and in a short time there’ll be a cascoili page dedicated to this book.


We invite other affiliations and organizations to publicize this book. I ask all the Atheist Associations, all the lay- and freethinker-webs, lugii spread the information about this trial, to start petitions, to propose us their ideas, etc.

Luigi Cascioli – Wikipedia

Shortly, to do everything possible, especially on the web, to make this trial possible. We are at the beginning of the end of the Homus religiosus. I would like to buy copies and give them to my fellow villagers a copy as a present, one for each family.

I am sure they would be pleased to read it. I read the result of your research with infinite pleasure. Thank you for having told me what I have always wanted to know. I am 23 years old. I am so happy that a law court will at last administer justice to the oppression which has been imposed on us for thousands of years.

I would like to offer my contribution to pay for the costs of the trial even if my resources are limited. Please count on my support. Will you send me 5 books for my friends?

In order to arrive at this conclusion, the author did not only carry out a rational exegesis of the “Sacred Scriptures”, of the manuscripts of Kimberth Qumran and of the cults of pagan mystery, but he also used a lot of documentation taken from the scriptures of the historians of the time, such as: By following a blind faith many Christians prefer to stress the importance of symbolism contained in the texts.

The Fable of Christ. It is the first time in the history of mankind that a religion is prosecuted directly in a law case that will end with a verdict regarding specific and defined crimes, which is the abuse of popular credulity and belief articleItalian criminal code and the substitution of personItalian criminal code.

A verdict that, considering the irrefutable proof presented by the prosecutor, will certainly be a sentence against the ministers of the catholic church for being “divulgators of false facts passed of for the truth”, forbidding their teachings, and as many people who have already read The Fable of Christ have said, this will give way to a post-christian era that all people of good will are ready and waiting for.

All discussion regarding the existence of Jesus, who for the lack of reliable documentation has gone on for centuries in inconclusive diatribes between believers and opposers in order to establish if he was a myth or real, dark or blond, married or single, handsome or ugly, have all been swept away by the book The Fable of Christ with its irrefutable proof that he never existed.


Actually The Fable of Christ is a dossier containing the necessary arguments for a penal lawsuit against the Catholic Church with its ministers as representatives, it is a serious collection of juridical proof which show that the figure of Jesus is no other than the manipulation and falsifications of documents which were really referring to a certain John of Gamala, son of Judas and Ezechia’s grandson, a direct descendent of the Asmonites founded by Simon, Mattatia the Maccabean’s son. In order to reach this conclusion, so there will no longer be any doubt about his conclusions, the author carried out a rational exegesis not only on the sacred scriptures but also on all documents concerning pagan religions and their cult of mystery of which Christianity is a perfect reproduction.

This book may be scorned and condemned by those who have based their morality on a pack of lies, but the truth in it can never be annulled or cancelled by history from the moment that the truth has been revealed and spread. Even if the popularisation and spreading of the book is important, and the challenge that the author makes to his enemies: If spreading the existence of Christ, the virgin Mary and the apostles has been permitted by law up to now because it was considered a comfort for irrational human beings who need illusions to lighten their burdens, like trusting in magic or in horoscopes, this will no longer be possible because soon, very soon, it will be considered a crime according to articles and of the Italian criminal code.

Thanks to a perfect bank and post service, the first edition of The Fable of Christ has been outsold also due to an excellent carrying out of the consignment. Presentation of the books.

Purchase and Presentation of the books. Letters of the readers.