A salary statement is the most important document for your tax return. When is it sent to me? Where can I order one and who should I contact if the salary. Mit Haushaltshilfe, Putzfrau und Nanny online korrekt anstellen, anmelden und Sie alle Unterlagen wie Lohnabrechungen, Lohnausweis und. Sie haben den Job in der Schweiz? Deshalb sind die 26 Gliedstaaten der Schweiz – die sogenannten Kantone – sehr Der Schweizer Lohnausweis.

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I have one question. I could not find a similar post here therefore I will write it here. It is 15th March and I have not received my Lohnausweis Certificat de salaire for the year from my boss yet.

I received “der Lohnausweis” for the year but I can not receive this one for the year I sent 2 schwsiz and I ve received 2 answers: I do not need this because they pay my “Quellensteuer” every month.

BDO Lohnausweis

They have not replied I understand – I have the B Permit so I do not need to pay “Quellensteuer” directly they make this. I have undetermined duration contract.


I do not want to have any conflicts with this company Must my boss send me this “Lohnausweis”? How can we “fight”? Thank you for advance.

lohnausweis schweiz pdf files

Lohnausweis Certificat de salaire – a problem. The companies now send the certificate directly to the relevant tax office.

The following 2 users would like to thank Sbrinz for this useful post: Your company is schweeiz. You do not need a Lohnausweise if you pay Quellensteuer, you only need it if you have to file a tax return. If you have a B-permit then you have to pay Quellensteuer. You stop paying Quellensteuer if you get a C-permit, or are married to lohnausqeis Swiss citizen. The following 2 users would like to thank Island Monkey for this useful post: The following 3 users would like to thank Samaire13 for this useful post: Thank you for your answers!

Besonderheiten in der Schweiz

But I would like to add that – all my colleagues with B-permit from another companies have received the “Lohnausweis” and they are surprised a little bit that I have lobnausweis got this one. Yes, I agree – I do not pay my Quellensteuer The following 2 users would like to thank lohnausewis for this useful post: This user would like to thank Samaire13 for this useful post: Isn’t the deadline for Lohnausweis end of February?


Regardless if you need it, you should get it.

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lohnausweis schweiz pdf files

Island Monkey Forum Legend. Permit Your company is right. Permit Thank you for your answers! Permit Isn’t the deadline for Lohnausweis end of February? English speaking notary public in Lausanne for certificat de celibat.

Certificat de salaire – Form