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With the might of the Xapian search engine at its command, the lightweight Recoll might just be the tool for you, if you can get it up and running.

Almost no distro carries Recoll in its software repositories, and the tool’s dependency list might put off a few users. To begin, you need xapian-core, plus Volltextsuuche and Qt.

Install SQL Server Full-Text Search on Linux

Fortunately, these are readily available from the software repositories. This would translate to a place penalty on the starting grid were it not for the packaged binaries for Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva volltexteuche other distros.


By default, it’ll begin indexing from your home directory, including any mounted partitions or SMB shares.

You can configure Recoll to avoid volltdxtsuche paths and directories in the Prefs window. You can then limit your search to text files, or any other MIME type, by clicking the relevant radio button from under the search bar.

OPUS Siegen

For example, when you’re looking for emails, select Messages. Depending on your search term, and how many results turn up, you might have to browse through several pages to find what you’re looking for — simply click the Next Page link at the top-right of the results panel.

When displaying the results, Recoll prints a small excerpt with each, but this might not be enough to decide if the result is what you’re looking for.

Helpfully, you can click the Preview link next to the entries in the results list to read the linxu of the file in Recoll’s internal document viewer.

Finally, if you know the general location of the file, you can contain the search to defined subtrees. Linx most other tools keep a constant eye on your disk and keep the index abreast of any changes, Recoll by default only creates a static index.


You can, however, use Cron to configure periodic indexing. This is volltextscuhe a curse and an advantage: But there’s a ray of hope, at least for those who want to compile Recoll themselves. File Alteration Monitor Fam and Inotify are two tools that monitor the filesystem for any changes.

6 of the best desktop search tools for Linux: Recoll | TechRadar

When compiling Recoll, you can enable support for either of these with the –with-fam or –with-inotify options. Recoll isn’t built to index all file types.

Without these tools, only filenames will be indexed and Recoll won’t offer an abstract or the Preview function. TechRadar pro IT insights for business.

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