Laurence Austine Waddell was awarded an honorary degree of LLD in , the reason for his award being his work as Surgeon-Major in the Indian Medical. ‘At Variance With Both General and Expert Opinion’: The Later Works of Lieutenant-Colonel Professor Laurence Austine Waddell. Bulletin of the History of. Laurence Austine Waddell. Surgeon, Collector in Tibet, Explorer. Waddell originally trained as a surgeon and chemist at Glasgow University. He joined the .

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Laurencce Waddell Book 10 editions published between and in English and held by 35 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Special Collection in the University Library hold a number of items relating to Laurence, for further info please see their catalogue:. He hadn’t been a member of the Younghusband Mission himself, but his collection includes an album of photographs taken during that episode by John Claude White who was himself strongly opposed to what happened under Younghusband’s command and Waddell’s enthusiastic support of it.

Laurence Austine Overview. This is the Egyptian Pharaoh. Waddellwas an English antiquarian, scholar and explorer. The Heritage of Britain. I believe it is the latter. Waddell in Phoenician Origin of Britons, Scots, and Anglo-Saxons argued for a Syro-Hittite and Phoenician colonization of the British Isles, turning to British folklore that mentions Trojans, such as the “Brutus Stone” in Totnes and Geoffrey of Monmouth ; place-names that supposedly preserve the Hittite languageand inscriptions, as evidence.

His reputation as a Sumerologist gained no recognition and his works on the history of civilization have caused controversy. Few scholars can have inhabited these margins, and built more spectacular intellectual edifices there, than Lieutenant-Colonel Professor Laurence Austine Waddell. My aim in this short note is to outline the ideas expounded in Waddell’s later esoteric works, their contemporary and modern receptions, and their relationship to his earlier life and work.

He was also an expert on Tibet and the flora and fauna lqurence India and Tibet.

Mount Taurus stands to the south. Waddel current prosperity of most of today’s world is a direct historical consequence of British imperialism. Explore the collection by So LAW had slipped by under his radar too.

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Lawrence Austine Waddell – Wikisource, the free online library

Preston however in a section of her biography of Waddell entitled “Opposition waddekl Indo-Sumerian Seals Deciphered” points out that support for Waddell’s theory had disappeared by the early s through the work of Mortimer Wheeler:. The non- Semitic source of the Sumerian language was established in the late 19th century by Julius Oppert and Henry Rawlinson from which many different theories were proposed as to its origin.

If you require austime from us, please use our Archive enquiry service. He also claimed to have carried out a series of topographic surveys austije studies of antiquities and inscriptions leading to the first accurate location of the birthplace of the Buddha Waddell I’m grateful to my infallible cousin Anne Burgess for details of LAW’s children, though the extraordinary gap between Laurence and his sister Margaret suggests that there may have been others who failed to survive or are otherwise lost to history.

Laurence Waddell

Elphinstone is quite a distance from Cumbernauld and Larkhall, and so it’s an odd name for LAW’s parents to have chosen for his sister Margaret — the other possible connection is with the appallingly unfortunate leader of the retreat from Kabul some 30 years earlier. My thanks to Amara Thornton and Chana Moshenska for their helpful comments on an earlier version of this text. Furthermore, we’re wondering as you may be too what all this unpleasant stuff has to do with Laurence Austine Waddell.

In the passage immediately following that quoted above Waddell expands on his notion of wsddell Civilization’:. Today Austibe works are read and referenced most commonly by white supremacists, esoteric scholars and conspiracy theorists such as David Icke As seals were discovered from the Indus Valley, Waddell in first attempted to decipher them and claimed they were of Sumerian origin in his Indo-Sumerian Seals Deciphered. If you wish to license an image, please use our Rights and Images service.

He subsequently corresponded with Government of India and arranged for the exploration of the area.

Author:Lawrence Austine Waddell

A Waddell 8 editions published between and in English and Russian and held by 22 WorldCat member libraries worldwide This book contains a written record of a British expedition into Central Tibet, as well as a study of the Grand Lama hierarchy.


Lamaism in Sikhim by L. Its Sumerian Origin and Real Chronology.

He was in Malakand in and took part in the Tibet Mission to Lhasa —04for layrence he was again mentioned in despatches, received a medal with clasp and was appointed a Companion of the Order of the Bath CB. Dedication to L A Waddell. Of course nothing has a shorter shelf-life than anthropology, except perhaps particle physics and cosmology, and so I think we wadsell continue to admire him for the creative vigour of his ideas.

The foundation of his argument is what he saw as a persistence of cult practices, religious symbols, mythological stories and figures, and god and hero names throughout Western and Near Eastern civilizations, but also based wadell arguments on his deciphered Sumerian and Indus-Valley seals, and other archaeological findings. His perpetual curiosity, his diligent research, his exceptional knowledge wwaddell his vigorous style of writing give to this work both authority and brightness. He claims that it reads:.

My own family, and my wife Sonia’s family, and their friends’ families, were for many generations involved in keeping the wheels of Empire turning, as administrators, engineers, merchants or missionaries.

AuthorTranslatorEditorOtherHonoree. A Waddell Book 29 editions published between and in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

His reputation as a Assyriologist gained little to no academic recognition and his books on the history of civilization have caused controversy. Such marginal works are of value to historians in so far as they allow us to tentatively trace the margins of a past intellectual community. The tribes of the Brahmaputra Valley: