Being Kemetic allows you to choose a religious path that works for you and helps If you’d like, you can find pre-written Kemetic prayers to incorporate into your. Prayer Ideas Kemetic – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Kemetic. It riffs off my shortform Kemetic rite, but with a more casual and less formal such as additional offerings, or any other prayers/hymns/etc you are going to use.

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Ra is the prickle in the skin of the reveller on a sun-kissed day, warming them inside and out. Set is the roaring in the heart of every praywrs, whose eyes are opened by the unrelenting fire He burns in their belly.

Thoth is the yearning for knowledge that drives the academic to follow their dreams, pushing them to greater heights. Sobek is the promise of self-confidence, beckoning the shy ones from their shells, His hand guiding them to being their best selves.

Nut is the unspoken connection between lovers as they sit beneath star-spangled sky, Her embrace lulling them closer. Sekhmet is the guttural roar in the throat of the blood-soaked warrior who defends what is rightfully theirs, fearsome and strong. Geb is the whistle in the wind that rustles the hair of the gardener who plows His land and enjoys the spoils of His soil. Hathor is the maternal love between newborn and parent, Her lips the gentle kisses full of tearful joy that make life so precious.

Ma’at is the courage that spurs the journalist to give justice to those who are otherwise denied, and to expose isfet without fear when they see it. Anubis is the urge to protect those who are dearest, and to guide them to a life of grace and blessings.

Anubis, measurer of hearts, friend of the dead, warder against the dark, I praise and honor you. Hathor, lady of gold, mistress of joy and pleasure, steadfast friend of women, I praise and honor you. Sekhmet, most mighty and most beautiful of gods, healer of humanity, I praise and honor you. Bast, devouring lady, mistress of truth and light, preserver of the family, I praise and honor you.

Shu, lord of the air, steady and still of bearing, master of the winds, I praise and honor you. Heru-wer, great of terror, lord of flame, granter of a heart bold and brave, I praise and honor you. Seshet, lady of names and numbers, mistress of records, keeper of time, I praise and honor you. Great Ptah, merciful of face, friend of the maker, whose words work upon the earth, I praise and honor you. Nephthys, mistress of renewal, friend of the dead, easer of sorrows, I praise and honor you.

Set of the red land, before whom the sky shakes, breaker of boundaries, I praise and honor you. Nut of the sheltering sky, who holds a thousand souls, lady of the starry night, I praise and honor you. Geb, first and eldest of kings, deep father earth who marks the joys of life, I praise and honor you. Ra who is in heaven, who is in the horizon, giver of light and life, I praise and honor you. Khepera, ancient one, bright-winged one, wise and shining heart of the morning sun, I praise and honor you.

Heruakhety who crosses the sky with incense, great god of the horizon, I praise and honor you. Amun, self-created one, king whose name is hidden, protector of the humble, I praise and honor you. Beautiful Mut, world-mother, mistress of heaven, shelter of children, I praise and honor you.


Simple Kemetic Daily Devotions

Taweret, friend of women, friend of the home, guardian of the family, I praise and honor you. Neith, friend of kemetci weaver and the warrior, great of might, ancient of name, I praise and honor you. Sobek who made the herbage green, lord of dark waters, mender of a damaged world, I praise and honor you. Khnum of the crumpled horn, self-created one, worker upon the wheel, I praise and honor you.

Khonsu, path-finder, night-shining one, healer and guardian, friend of women, I praise and honor you. Kemeyic who is beautiful, lily of the sun, prayerss of healing, lord of scent, I praise and honor you. Mafdet, slayer of serpents, mistress of justice, allotter of penance, I praise and honor you. Prayyers, great of judgment, guardian prayegs kings, lady of the great peak, I praise and honor you. Montu, battle-wise, great bull who meets all foes, might of the blasting sun, I praise and honor you.

Bountiful Min, virile and strong, lord of the black earth, the swell of tender green, I praise and honor you. Wadjet who guards the green, warder of the red crown, protector of children, I praise and honor you.

Nekhbet, mother of mothers, broad-winged goddess, keeper of the white crown, I praise and honor kemetid. Great Nun, father of fathers, mother of mothers, you from whom all arose, I praise and honor you.

Goddess of Cats, Protectress and Bringer of Joy, you, like the gentle morning sun, brighten my heart and with your guidance I share that happiness and light with the world. Your paw prints are marked on my life and in return I send you my love.

In this life, this fragile world, I pray for their hand and find strength in their presence. Okay, so this is for all of the Kemetics out there, or witches who follow a deity in, or are interested in the Egyptian Pantheon.

Hotep Anup em shabu en emenet her iabyt. Furthermore, you can change Netjer God to Netjeru Gods if you wish to offer the food to the Egyptian pantheon as a whole.

We eat the offerings more as a reflection of the old ways. Yours is the care of those dearly departed, your hand always outstretched to those who venture toward the scales, ushering them towards eternity.

Anubis, protector of tombs, skilled embalmer, guide of souls, weigher of hearts, Lord of the dead. I offer my praise. Devotees focus so much on what to give us, while forgetting that the basic relationship between prauers is based in communication. Using the transliterated versions of their names. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

To Bast who grants the best of blessings, I offer my praise. Kemstic against all ills that plague us, Protector against all kemeti that kemetiv us, Yours is the care of humanity, our shelter and our shield.

Yours too is the sistrum, the sweetness of sound, the joy and the pleasure of dance, the delight of good company, kemetjc and song; O goddess of merriment and mirth, I thank you for good friends and good cheer, for respite and rest, for the comfort of love.

Defender of the good and the right, I honor you, O goddess. Devourer of evil and disorder, I honor you, O Bast.

Originally posted by syntacked. Originally posted by fatgirlgetsfitatlast. Originally posted by not-grey-enough. Originally posted by won-der-land Originally posted by lynx Originally posted by lematworks. Originally posted by mnaturegif. Originally posted by geyashvecova. Great is his name as prayefs Ibis, Lord of the calamus hdnthe first to utter command, excellent in counsel, who fitted together this land or, this earththe Highest of prayerrs High, the most Hidden of the Hidden, who came into being when naught existed, who of himself alone has wrought all that is: May thy heart rejoice thereat, on this glorious day when thou shinest forth.


Thou art the god that is high on his standard, who came forth from the god himself [Re]; for whom opened the doors of the eastern horizon of Re by whom he was begotten. Every god came forth at his command — what he spoke was accomplished. Thou art the god who protected Horus by his great Eye i.

Hail to thee, Thoth who appeasest the gods; by whose deeds every god is appeased. Thou shinest forth in the eastern heavens: Thou providest sacrifice for every god and goddess. Hail to thee, thou Eye of Kemetoc which thou [Thoth] didst bring, which thou didst embrace prayerrs thou didst rise aloft: To Ksmetic, keen-minded judge of Ma’at, I offer my praise.

O wise one of Hermopolis where ruled the Ogdoad, stander at the scale, holder of the stylus, chronicler of deeds, good and ill, yours it is to watch and to record.

Kemetic lifestyle – Kemetically Speaking

O god of all language, friend of the scholar and the scribe, the writer and the reckoner, god of the word in all its might, master of mathematics, I pray to you for insight and for understanding, for learning and for reason, for the gathering of knowledge and the judgment to use it wisely and well.

Best of arbiters, most skillful of questioners, conciliator of gods and examiner of the dead, all works of word and wisdom are yours to wield. Thoth, great of discourse, great of voice, may I speak and perceive with all clarity. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up.

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Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. They say the Gods are gone, forgotten, and a world away. But they are here; you only have to look for them. Dua Praayers Kemetic stuff Kemetic Kemetic prayers my prayers This is the first prayees I’ve written wow Epithets are a good starting point Good inspiration. Wepwawet, opener of ways, granter of choices, unfolder of options, I praise and honor you.

Tefnut, lady of the waters, bringer of ekmetic to the dusty land, I praise and honor you. Sokar of the opened wings, lord of the dark, master of artisans, I praise and honor you. Aset, queen of heaven, mistress of magics, upholder of the good, I praise and honor you.

Heru-sa-Aset, master of magics, just one, savior of your father, I praise and honor you. Serqet, mistress of the beautiful house, protector from poisons, I praise and kemetiic you. Maahes, lord of slaughter, avenger of wrongs, opposer of evil, I praise and honor you. Renenutet, lady of the fertile fields, namer of children, I praise and honor you.

Mighty Heka, lord of magic, speaker of words, placer of the ka, I praise and honor you. Atum of the dark waters, O great of name, first among the gods, I praise and honor you. The World Needs Love.