Title: Curso fundamental sobre la fe (Spanish Publisher: Herder. Publication Date: Binding: Soft cover. Book Condition: New. Edition: 5th or later Edition . Resumo. SCHICKENDANTZ, Carlos. El “Curso fundamental de la fe” de Karl Rahner. Objetivo, génesis y significado de un “experimento”. Teol. vida [online]. Curso fundamental da fe. Front Cover. Karl Rahner. Ed. Paulinas, Bibliographic information. QR code for Curso fundamental da fe.

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Das Gebet der Not Karl Rahner. Rahner is certainly no leftist.

Bibliografía sobre Teología del Pluralismo Religioso

Binh Luu rated it it was amazing Oct 06, Rahner is perhaps best known for his corr If you want to be sure that you hav read the most important work by one of if not the mot important philosophical Catholic theologian of the twentieth century, this is it! Which does he love more, the small island of his so-called knowledge or the sea of infinite mystery?

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However, it can never be denied that this book, and Rahner’s other works, have offered a coherent theological vision and helped bring about a substantive and important renewal in Catholic theology, its understanding of the human person, and the truths of the faith in a way lz is not only intellectually rahnee, but can even be spiritually inspiring! Much of Rahner’s thought is in Heidegger absent the mapping of Christian Revelation onto the existential framework.

I certainly enjoyed his exploratio This book was a challenge, but a rewarding one.

: Karl Rahner: Books

Episcopate and the Primacy Paperback. It seems that a fundamental problem for Rahner is how he wants to take the experience of transcendence as the basis for his theology, yet I can’t see that he ever resolves how such an emphasis on transcendence can square with the Christian belief of a very much immanent God.


The Heart of Fr Paperback. His later works represented a turn in this dirction but he died before he could develop these ideas further, and that taks has fallen to his students such as Johann-Baptiste Metz and others.

The Church the Sacraments Paperback. Challenge to World ReligionsNew York Rahner writes like cursso philosopher, meaning almost unfathomable. All interesting things, but I don’t get interested the way he relates them to each other, or maybe the problem is that I don’t quite see how he relates them.

Read Ebook Online Curso Fundamental Sobre La Fe Pdf 9788425428630 By Karl Rahner

From Plurality to Pluralism: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It will have an honored place on my shelf. Wallace Roark rated it it was amazing Mar 02, An Introduction to the Idea of Christianity serves as a digest of the themes which were so brilliantly pursued by this scholar.

La risposta del BuddhaBorla Edizioni, Roma It was amazing to see how open he was to the dogma of Evangelical Christianity and how he explained Catholic understandings. On the whole I tend fundamentzl think Rahner is right on target as far as he goes, however, he has been criticized as focusing on the existential reality of the individual believing Christian and not enough on the social, political, and ecclesial dimensions of the faith.

Gebete Des Lebens Hardcover.

Be the first to ask a question about Foundations of Christian Faith. I have read the german version of this book and found it too hard. Can’t understand a word!!! This was perhaps my hardest read, ever. Que Debemos Creer Todavia Paperback.


Availability All In stock 88 Pre-order 3. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. I liked this idea of reflectively thinking about God based on our longing for completeness within and beyond ourselves, but I originally thought this was where it was going fundamrntal stop.

Sep 23, Thomas Dimattia rated it it was amazing. Apr 10, Russ Booton fe it really liked it. However, the book assumes a familiarity with the Denzinger manuals of theology – the hallmark of neoscholasticism – with which he takes issue in articulating his own method, mostly because he considers them no longer adequate to the task of fundamental theology.

Thus, those that ff know the manuals and don’t know their technical vocabulary as well as that of existential philosophy, run the risk of misunderstanding and mischaracterizing this quite orthodox Catholic thinker. Faith and Ministry Hardcover.

His explanation of the Trinity is very helpful the best I’ve read, I thinkand I’ve still working through oarl Christology in my head. Authentic experience is historically based within the experience of time—even though it may point beyond time.

This is very significant when Rahner speaks about the God-Man relationship within the historical person of Jesus. He states from the outset that even though rational arguments cannot establish faith, they should be part of faith p.