Caveat: iText may swallow PDF bookmarks. But Jens Stavnstrup tells us in issue FOP that this doesn’t happen if you use iText’s PDFStamper. Here is. I have a requirement to present a PDF on demand in a web application injecting user specific data. I’m looking at both Apache FOP and iText. Dear Author: We have been using Apache FOP to generate FDP files. How does iText compare to FOP? Thanks.

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We’ve also found the following comment on this article: May 13, at 5: I’m going to forward this question to our marketing people, to see what can be made public. How to enable Spring Security in Java Web applicat I don’t see evidence of being able to separate the style from the irext generation code in the simple iText examples that I’ve seen.

Hi, First of all very interesting blog. All this stuff is ‘missing’ in FOP.

Java Revisited: Open source Java Libraries to Create PDF documents – iText vs Apache FOP

But the way I see it, that wouldn’t provide more accuracy. RenderX fopp our implementation team makes use of iText in many, many situations — mostly all for manipulation of PDFs generated from RenderX.


I have used almost all of them and itextSharp is unbeatable. This is definitely not as feature rich as iText, but can be useful as to generate PDF files and support common functionalities, which is what most of the Java projects needs. While the primary target for both of these applications is to generate PDF documents, these two were entirely different Java libraries.

Convert email to pdf. Difference Between Abstract Class vs Interface in What is Apache Fop?

Comparing Apache FOP with iText — Xebia Blog

Note that we also compared the ease of use. With many pros and cons respectively in mind, it would be ideal itexy use the combination of two to extreme your benefit.

Jasperreports is NOT very capable for this type of output I was constrained to use this Jasper by our architects.

Convert email to pdf. Originally posted by Velika Srbija: How about other contents you would like to add to your PDF file, such as the date you published the file onto your website?

Email Required, but never shown. The advantage is obvious speed and memory ; the disadvantage is that you can return to a previous page; but there are ways to work around this. For a Swing developer, it’s quite easy to build one, as he can render his canvas to PDF file using java.


Apache FOP and iText (Open Source Projects forum at Coderanch)

Just read sample chapter 1 and 3. How have people solved this problem? These questions motivates me to write this post. Below is my short comparison on when to use which. For brevity, i have not included the input xml and xslt xsl: We will look into iText.

The latest version 0. Just take a look at the projects that use iText.

With more accuracy I also mean you can control the PDF at the lowest level. These icons indicate where to find restaurants, hotels, movie theatres, I have to generate a simple PDF document from a little java batch Java 7.

Apache FOP used to be used but was found to be too slow.