15/03/ Explore Ben Dunfield’s board “tda ic” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Audio amplifier, Circuit and Dc circuit. Here is a simple stereo amplifier using TDA IC, that can be used for mobile devices. It uses four capacitors, two potmeters and two. Amplifier IC 1-Channel (Mono) or 2-Channel (Stereo) Class AB PowerDIP.

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Here is a simple stereo amplifier that can be used to amplify audio from mobile devices. Circuit diagram of the stereo audio amplifier is shown in Fig. The circuit works off 3V DC. However, you can use up to 6V DC. The circuit diagram is straightforward. The right speaker LS2 is connected to output pin 3 through electrolytic capacitor C4. Pins 5 and 8 are tied together and connected to ground via electrolytic capacitor C1. Pins 7 and 6 are input pins and connected to potmeters VR1 and VR2, respectively.

VR1 and VR2 work as left- and right-channel volume controls, respectively.


Pin 2 is connected to 3V DC supply and pin 4 is connected to ground. Electrolytic capacitor C2 connected txa2822 3V and ground works as a filter capacitor. Both speakers produce the same audio output after amplifying the signal from IC1. After assembling the circuit, enclose it in a suitable box.

Fix potmeters VR1 and VR2 on the front panel of the box for left and right volume control, respectively. For calibration, take a 3V battery; you can use two 1. Set potmeters VR1 and VR2 to their middle position. Take a metal screwdriver and gently touch on input pin 6 or 7 of IC1.

You should hear a humming sound from left and right speakers when the screwdriver is touched at left and right inputs, respectively.

Designing a Stereo Power Audio Amplifier using TDA2822H – 7/9

Slowly adjust VR1 clockwise until you hear a loud humming sound from the left speaker. Similarly, adjust VR2 for the right speaker. Now your stereo amplifier is working and ready for use! Thank you for your feedback. We are constantly working on making our website more user-friendly.

Build Your Own Stereo Amplifier Using TDA | Full Project Available

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