GURPS Mage The Ascension *OP (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System) [Robert M. Schroeck] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Gurps Mage: The Ascension: Robert M. Schroeck, Jeff Koke, Dan Smith: Books – A few weeks ago, in some thread whose topic I can’t recall, a poster mentioned that GURPS Mage was in some ways markedly different.

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The mages should be discouraged from simply slaughtering them because they can.

The modifiers to skill rolls are on pp The transformed townsfolk turn immediately on the willworkers and attack them with terrible ferocity. The faceless agents of the Technocracy carry out their duties efficiently without emotion or regret.

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Vulgar magick will fly thickly as The Hierophant attempts to stop the mages, all the while commanding them to obey him and join his new reality where magick will be a true power and the Awakened asvension rule as kings. She pushed her laptop aside and stared at what she had written.

No offence to Robert M. Just as the Technomancers advance on the willworkers and conflict seems about to erupt, all Hell breaks loose. Find More Posts by dataweaver. The mages might have had dream or visions about the Node, or they might simply have heard rumors about its existence mwge of Technomancer activity in the area.

SchroeckPaperback Be the first to write a review. She is normally very confidence and sure of herself and her place in the world. Thank you for the advice-working Paradox and trying to map the levels were conceptual blocks from when I first picked up Thaumatology.


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The mages effectively exist in a state of Quiet while they are inside the transformed reality, and their thoughts and emotions will warp reality around them, creating hallucinations of grups kinds based on their current level of Paradox which may be higher then normal from the use of vulgar magick. Still, “maturity” went well with her and she kept in shape doing aerobics and getting out and enjoying the skiing in the New England area when she could.

Much of the Never-Ending Story’s attractiveness is tied to the Quintessence that it generates, presently at a rate of a mere 3 points per week, but slowly increasing. After years of pot-boilers and bodice rippers doing something original isn’t ascensio out to be as easy as I thought. The mountains seem to grow up all around the town, creating a deeper valley surrounded by cyclopean peaks that appear to moan and shed rivulets of tears from their sides. The characters must cling to a sense of normality in the midst of all of the weirdness, a difficult task for mages who have learned not to hold to static concepts.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. If they alienate her from the Traditions, she will almost certainly be snapped up by Alyson Lane to serve the Technocracy.

If he is driven back into the Umbra by the player characters, the Storyteller may gur;s to have him return at some future point to threaten them again. This just wasn’t going to go.

Arcane 4, Avatar 2, Influence 2.

GURPS RPG Mage The Ascension Sourcebook by Steve Jackson Games | eBay

Any mage who achieves success senses a powerful presence in the Umbra approaching the site of the node. Realm magic can include reactive reality, but it’s not a necessary part of it.


She is ascenssion the responsibility and hopes to use this affair to demonstrate to her superiors how efficiently she can handle a situation like this and move up in the ranks. This requires at least Spirit 2 for the mage to be able to reach across the Gauntlet to affect the construct. This scenario is based in a small town in Vermont, but it could just as easily be set in any isolated, rural place where some people might go to “get away from it all. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

Enter the World of Darkness, where mages of the awakened Traditions battle the cold Technocracy in an ancient war to decide the fate of humanity’s fragile souls.

The Outside Place: An Adventure for Mage: the Ascension and GURPS Mage, by Steve Kenson

She moves like a dancer and has a quick smile and a healthy sense of humor, which is under considerable stress during the events in the story. Customers who bought this item also bought.

Paperback Nora Roberts Books. Rotes acsension “Techniques,” also p Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag.

In her English class at Eastridge High School, in her position on the town school board, in her personal life and in her duties as a member of the New World Order.