Poradnik górnika naftowego: Geofizyka naftowa. Geofizyka poszukiwawcza. Geofizyka wiertnicza. T. 1 B. Cz. 1. Cz. 2. Front Cover. Anna Bieda. Stowarzyszenie. Phone, Suggest a phone number AGH, WGGIOS, Geofizyka poszukiwawcza. College Posts about AGH, WGGIOS, Geofizyka poszukiwawcza. There are no. Kilka uwag o interpretacji materiało ́w sejsmicznych w czesci srodkowej i zachodniej przedgo ́rza Karpat (in Polish): Geofizyka Poszukiwawcza i Wiertnicza, v.

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The standard measurements on the core samples bulk density, effective porosity and absolute permeability were enriched by mercury porosimetry results.

Poradnik górnika naftowego: Geofizyka naftowa. Geofizyka poszukiwawcza – Google Books

Laboratory measurements results, especially mercury porosimetry, extended considerably information about the reservoir rock the Main Dolomite and contributed to the separation of diverse microfacies and paleogeographic zones. Petrophysical parameters of the three microfacies were compared based on the results of statistical analysis. It was found that grainstones were characterized by the best reservoir parameters. For these microfacies high average effective porosity and average dynamic porosity for oil and gas were discovered.


Additionally, grainstones characterized by high permeability. High percentage of grainstones microfacies samples was detected in the analyzed population of the Main Dolomite. It was also found that the difference between the values of the parameters determined for the entire group of data and a set of grainstones samples was not large.

Therefore, it could be assumed that the parameters analysis on the entire set of data were representative in terms of reservoir properties for the samples belonging to the grainstones microfacies.

Studies carried out in the groups of data from the wells drilled in the different paleogenic zones, connected with sedimentation environment, revealed that selected parameters from the carbonate barrier significantly differed from the corresponding values in the platform plain and platform slope.

Statistical analysis expanded the information about reservoir parameters of the rocks and facilitated their rapid classification in terms of sedimentation zones in the area of the platform poszukiwawzca grainstones evaluation with the best properties for the accumulation and migration of hydrocarbons in the Main Dolomite.


Raport projektu NNkierowanego przez dr R.

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