A. Geist: the Sin-Eaters (WW): The revised edition – aka Ver. – is in use in the global chronicle. B. Book of the Dead (WW). 1. The errata’d Geist: the Sin-Eaters is out in print on demand and PDF. Is it really happening? Yes? What is different about ? I don’t know!. Geist: The Sin-Eaters Rulebook is the core rulebook for Geist: The Geist has been fully re-edited to include the latest errata and then.

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When the last of these are gone, either from being destroyed or geisr disappearing with time, and the ghost has not resolved their unfinished business, they are sent to the Underworld.

Rhys Miller rated it liked it Jan 20, The Virtuous take a careful and moderate approach to their revels, while si Vicious are full-on Slaanesh tier. The Forsaken book, but I had bought that years ago. The properties of the manifestation are determined by the key used.

Geist: The Sin-Eaters – Wikipedia

The more dots you have in a Manifestation the more it can do, though some Manifestations require the spending of additional Plasma to use it. Virtuous ones do so to help the living and other ghosts while Vicious ones do so to get ahead of their rivals and takes knowledge from others rather than find it out themselves.

They are rated Water is wet, fire burns and NWoD sni have a “racial” and a “class” splat. The Requiem book a couple days ago when a friend informed me yesterday that everything was being revised with a second edition.

This is not always a good thing, as geists don’t usually care about right and wrong, so acting in accordance with their wishes may be harmful.


G B Bard rated it really liked it Feb 06, The unlucky sods who got struck by lightning, had their skulls cracked by meteors, stuck a shovel in the ground and hit a bomb, stepped on a marble and broke their neck, or just about any other death that’s through stupid misfortune. Sin-eaters can attempt to help a ghost move on, either from the Twilight or from the Underworldby resolving whatever business the ghost has left.

Preston Halcomb rated it really liked it Apr 09, Mandy rated it it was amazing Sep 16, Reapers thee the required edgelord splat, the judges of the living and the dead. Synergy takes the place of morality for the sin-eater, and measures how well a sin-eater and geist work together.

Geist: The Sin-Eaters

Players portray Sin Eaters who have died and returned to the world of the living. For obvious reasons, this is a fate to be avoided. Duccio Mondanelli rated it it was amazing Jul 02, Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. The Awakening 2e books which have been announced and are currently in son A ghost can have many anchors or only one.

These ghosts have anchors which tie them to the mortal realm. Emotions; rage, sorrow, terror. In exchange for being returned to life, Sin Eaters allow the Geist to gekst them, effectively merging into each other in a symbiotic relation with the “human” in control. Those Who Died By Chance.


The Virtuous help people with the chaos and tragedy in life and guide them to move on while the Vicious tend to force gest to do so against their will. This rarely works out, either because the geist doesn’t want anything to do with someone who’s already destroyed their geist, or because the synergy of such a bond begins as 0, with little hope for increasing it.


Jason rated it really liked it Jan 02, Oct 04, Caerigna Lunaltii added it Shelves: Psyche is the power trait of this venue, and it is a measure of the combined will of the geidt and their geist, and the strength of the bond between them. World of Darkness Vampire: They act as a kind of focus for the Manifestation, adding a dice modifier based on how old the object is.

Sep 02, Courtney Wells rated it it was amazing Shelves: An anchor can be any person, place, or thing that held great significance to the ghost in life. Thomas Ramsli rated it liked it Feb 18, Virtuous ones take a gentle but stern approach to keep newcomers out and drive out those who are already here while the Vicious take the violent and easy approach. Residue represents how well the Haunt collects plasm.

Geist: The Sin-Eaters by Alan Alexander

Anyway, if it has a section that lists the rules differences from 1. The sick and poisoned, those who died by viruses, bacteria, infections, and all that stuff.

That botched release is probably why Geist never received much love the only supplement – Book of the Dead – was a general nWoD book. Keeping things bolded for a character too long, having 5 entries in a bulleted list and bolding thw 4 of them, etc.