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The G2RVS-DC21 is a Stand Alone Relay with plug-in terminal without LED. Socket mounting with quick-connect terminal. Standard, No, DC, 11, G2RVS-G DC11, G2RV-SR/ DC12V. 21, G2RV- 1-S-G DC21 21, G2RVS-AP-G DC21, G2RV-SR/AP DC24V. General Purpose Relay SPDT (1 Form C) 24VDC Coil Socketable.

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G2RVS DC21 | Power Relay | Omron – Valin

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A patented lockable test switch has been added to test the functionality of a panel or a machine. G2vr-1-s can simulate an actuator when modules are offline or omorn been removed. There is also a protective cover to prevent accidental operation. As a result, the G2RV offers a wide array of benefits to machine manufacturers and panel builders. Just 6mm wide, the relay is ideal for compact panels and equipment, yet it gg2rv-1-s all of the durability and reliability required for industrial applications.


Standard type without lockable test switch. Standard type with lockable test switch. Latching Lever Test switch. Rated coil voltage V. Electrical durability rated load. If a gold layer is destroyed, contact ratings of standard type are applicable. Thank you for subscribing to Omron’s eNews.

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Omron SPDT Non-Latching Relay Plug In, 24 V ac/dc, 24 V dc Coil, 6 A

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Omron General Purpose Power Relay

Americas North America Canada en fr. Did you know that 4 out of 5 distributors buy this product in a bundle? New Value for Electrical Control Panels https: G2RV, next step in the evolution of relays http: We have taken the G2RV industrial relay series to the next level with the addition of a patented lockable test-switch pmron that enables operators and engineers to test the functionality of a panel, machine or system, or to simulate an actuator when b2rv-1-s or more modules are offline or have been removed.

The test-switch has a rotating protection cover to prevent accidental operation and to enable operators to see that the switch is protected when viewed from a distance, in, for example, a hazardous environment.

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