VF08 – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Fostex vf 8-track digital multitracker • Read online or download PDF • Fostex VF User Manual. Vf08 owner’s manual, V supplement • Read online or download PDF • Fostex VF08 User Manual.

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Mixer FunctionsMixer FunctionsInitial condition when turning on the powerWhen turning on the power, the 80 starts up while showing the unit information on the LCD display and thengets ready when the screen below appears. With the component side up, insert the SCSI card gently.

Summary of the content on the page No. These files audio files and silent files are called “events”. Items to be stored include all parameters set by mix parameter editing functions, as well as all foxtex fader levels.

Manuals : Fostex Support

Names and functions Pressing this key again switches the monitor back to Repro monitor. The display shows the screen for selecting the loaddestination program to which a WAV file is loaded. Sort by most recent most useful. Inserting the second disk to the SCSI deviceautomatically resumes saving. To remove the disk, select “Eject” If your digital recorder only provides the optical input jack, use the Fostex COP-1 optical to coaxial converter. The VF08 is “cueing” in the backward direction at 64x the normal speed.


The digital mixer section features a mabual DSP multi-effect processor employing the A. Turning the Metronome function on enables you to record your performance while playing the instrument accompanying the metronome sound.

About the hard disk storage device The VF08 is complete with vostex 3. Mixer Functions Deleting a mark from the mark map Executing the scene sequence You can delete an unnecessary mark All users, including those who are familiar with using tape-based Multitracker and those who are newto Multitracker, should read this section thoroughly to understand the functions of the VF Page 40 Mixer Functions L If no file is recorded on the disk, “New File” blinks.

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Advanced Operation Slowing down the playback speed Setting the cancel position You can change the playback speed only while the Erasing Track Data Erasing track data You can erase a desired part of track data.

Advanced OperationSlowing down the playback speedSetting the cancel positionYou can change the playback speed only while therecorder is stopped. Unscrew the four screws with a screwdriver, as shown 2 in the Figure. Page 4 Recording onto the master recorder Then polish with a dry cloth.

Don’t show me this message again. The “seconds” value blinks.


Fostex VF08 Owner’s Manual

You can also edit the parameters of the selected effect type to create your own effect sounds. Formatting a backup fkstex By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

This function allows you to manuap finished or unfinished song data to a digital recorder or a SCSI backup device,and load the data later. Recording methodRemain indicatorThe VF08 uses a hard disk as a recording medium,instead of a conventional tape. Fostex Advanced Signal Processing technology originally developed by Fostex. Then polish with a dry cloth.

FreeThis is the mode whereby after chaselocking, it will free run by the internalclock of VF08 or the digital in clockfrom the external equipment shouldthe time drift away from that of themaster. Setting A Tempo For example, you can specify a tempo of to the third beat of the 12th measure. Mixing After recording all tracks 1 through 8you can tailor the sound of each track. Connections of external equipment You can connect various sound sources and external devices to the input and output connectors of the VF08 as shown in the example below.