Sonic State:SynthSite:E-mu Esi Specifications. Esi At a Glance SYNTEC Wall of Sounds CD-ROMs Sound Food for your EMU Sampler, f.e. images | specs. Description. ESI is the very latest in the long line of high quality and affordable E-mu sampling products. ESI features kHz and kHz. Even though E-mu’s operation manual for the ESI series does technically state how multiple outputs can be used, it’s not clearly explained and is a bit.

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I haven’t used my ESI much recently but I’m working it back into my rig to sample the modular. I guess without a hard disk it can’t hold any samples in memory when it’s powered down? The ESI interface is dead simple and the manual is pretty well written. Can you just pop a cd in your computer and see the filenames, or is it a completely different structure than fat32 or whatever.

Mine usually took several seconds to load a small bank I rarely took advantage of all the RAM Manula put in.

E-mu ESI-4000 Turbo Multiple Output Configuration Guide

The panning for MIDI is needed for proper instrument separation from the ESI emi, however, once the signal has entered a mixer or audio interface then the audio can be panned anywhere within the stereo field. Thanks and all my love to you beautiful people. I guess that’s not too bad. Standard, Turbo, and Turbo Zip. Images from E-mu Home Page. Rmu have it set so it loads a specific bank when i turn the machine on, so all i have to do is turn it on and it’s all set.

E-mu Systems ESI Sampler Module – E-mu – Encyclotronic

BTW, nothing is retained after power off. Samples can be automatically truncated, normalized and placed on the keyboard as the sample is taken. I think Emy used to use soundforge to do it when I had an esi2k. Also, when using stereo instruments with stereo bussing then MIDI panning should not be moved from the center position, unless intentionally adjusting the stereo balance. What’s your setup manuual now? Bought it new, upgraded it to 72 Mb, added a ZIP drive.


While most of these concepts apply to the base model, this guide is specifically meant for the ESI with the Turbo expansion card, as this ESI 4K Turbo has highest number of outputs. Like could it record and overdub continuously? ESI – Triggering a sample to play to the end Sign In Sign Up.

Sign in Already have an account? I’m hoping I can get some opinions on the ESI Four polyphonic audio outputs with integral submix returns allow you to process certain sounds separately and return them to the main outputs without using up precious mixer channels. I’m just using it to destroy samples in interesting ways and some of the sounds that come out of it are jaw dropping.

Having lots of fun triggering it with the Machine Drum as well. The greatest pain in the ass for me was transferring samples from the computer.

SPDIF and FX can also be utilized but are not separate busses and cannot be used to expand the number of discrete outputs. For this reason, I usually recorded my own samples, or simply loaded stuff from the CD library included with it. I have a esi and have run into the same lack of sample problem as well. That sounds like a feat unto itself. Ok thanks Ill give that a tryare there any sysex editors for the ESI series of samplers?

I’ve got a macbook pro, so no floppy drive and no esi2win software or whatever it is called. View the discussion thread.

It’s really not as painful as it seems, and it will save you lots of headaches. Spent a lot of money on it, but really liked it when I had time to program it and made quite a few songs with it.

E-mu Esi – Specifications, pictures, prices, links, reviews and ratings

Well now it is mine! Every now and then I can find some of the cd sample sets For sale, but at some pretty crazy prices. I’ve been more of an akai dude but I would agree that the akai sound is a bit duller. The machine takes like 2 minutes to turn on and get past the splash screen, and then 12 nanual to load my average-sized bank lots of minute-long individual samples but no multisamples. Also, is it possible to use then esi as a simple looper? With 400 ability to grow with your needs, the ESI may be the only sampler you’ll ever need to buy!


Found a new wormhole to go down!

I’ve got some research to do. It is especially easy to use with a program like Recycle that will automatically slice up a beat or a group of sounds, send it all over the sampler and map the sounds to keys. Eum editor for ESI? I’d like to be able to at least leave a piano sample on it for quick practicing, and maybe some drum samples.

When I buy a synthesizer, I can find dozens of fan pages sharing patches galore whether they are photographs of settings, crudely drawn diagrams, or midi sysex files. It’s got mb of memory on ssi, so maxed out.

If the emu is more predictable to use, I’d like to hear about some of the pros and cons involved in the interface. Here is a breakdown of the outputs: Conversely, Sub 2 and 3 each carry a stereo signal and do require the use of a y-splitter cable for each submix. Do you know any info about the format? Hi theredoes anyone have any recommendations for a sysex editor for the E-MU esi? I used to own an ESI, which is basically the same thing.