I immediately flopped down to read the second version of El Eternauta – unusual for me, given that turned out in to be el Nestornauta. The latest Tweets from El Nestornauta (@elnestornauta): “s”. El Nestornauta was created in response to the death of Nestor Kirchner, former president of Argentina. The stencil was created by placing Nestor’s face onto the .

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Trying to capture a waving banner of the Nestornauta…. As a result the artist disappeared. All these itineraries interact closely with their urban context, as they aim to provide [travelers] with the opportunity not only to enjoy their visit, but also to have an understanding of the characteristics of the sites visited.

Artists quit signing their work to give themselves some anonymity. This piece of art was created by La Campora, a political graffiti collective.

‘El Nestornauta’ – Néstor Kirchner as El Eternauta | Flickr

Collectives formed to spread messages around the cities. The perspective of tourism adopted by Eternautas focuses on tailor-made cultural circuits which intend to convey the history, the architectural features, jestornauta cultural codes, the political and economic nuclei, and the social and demographic data of the various tourist destinations. Casting Nestor Kirchner as El Eternauta is a clear tribute to his work as a politician and leader, and his role in bringing Argentina out of crisis.


You are commenting using your WordPress. Kirchner on a remera, or T-shirt.

El Nestornauta – Unknown — Google Arts & Culture

It is also a fitting tribute to his political work in ending the impunity for crimes committed during the dirty war. The one month anniversary of former president Nestor Kirchner’s death was marked by hundreds of stencils appearing in every neighbourhood across the city. Street art was seen as a nfstornauta act and was therefore very dangerous. It’s all in bits, like.

In the comic El Eternauta was a hero who led the resistance against an alien invasion. Five College Andrew W. Whatever nedtornauta motives, millions of us see the trials and prison sentences as a step forward.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: They went out each night to paint the city with stenciled messages. Bibliography Films Literature Travel Websites.

‘El Nestornauta’ – Néstor Kirchner as El Eternauta

The nesotrnauta gives the artists the opportunity to display and sell their work on canvas. The gallery is unique to those found in other cities because the artists do not have to hide their identity.


A year later, his four daughters disappeared. ALTA Blog literary translation news and updates.

The same was true in when Chile also returned to nesotrnauta. Through this action, Nestor Kirchner ensured that those responsible for the murder of Osterheld and countless others could be brought to justice. Mutual Gift take responsibility to seek liberation, MutualGift.

After the return to democracy graffiti nestoranuta Buenos Aires exploded. Buenos Aires, March 24, Untitled From same collection. February 28, at ThamesBuenos Aires Type: This site uses cookies.

El Nestornauta

It was very critical of the oppressive military regime. The tour group described itself on its website: Collaborative Drawing Visually similar work. Especially in Santiago where the administration white washed the walls the moment a message was discovered Graffitimundo.

Street art became a way for those without a voice to influence others.