Charles Staley EDT: Time Management Meets Weight Training – Fitness, time management, With EDT you will aim to beat your last PR at every workout. Back in the mid’s trainer Charles Staley developed a very simple yet brutal method of training: EDT or Escalating Density Training. Well, we are talking about the famous E.D.T. (Escalating Density Training) invented by the American strength coach Charles Staley. Let’s go!.

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A working progression strategy is a requirement for any valid training system, and EDT is no exception. These ways are achieved through programming “tricks” that you should be using. Here’s how to trim it down to get better, faster gains in as little as 30 minutes. Understand that the number of reps you’ll hit per set will decrease as you near the end of your work time, but you at least want to give yourself a fighting chance from the start.

Generally between 40 and 60 reps. Instead, it’s smarter to look at the bigger picture.

In a sense, the EDT system is just a foolproof way to ensure that you perform more and more work in each workout that you do. I came up with Escalating Density Training or EDT as it’s now more popularly known after experimenting with my clients.

With that in mind, I created a set of “devices” designed to stqley friction and maximize work output over a minute time frame.

Less Time, Better Results: Escalating Density Training

If your goal is to own the baddest pair of bicepticons around, pairing chin-ups and biceps curls might not be the best option. Part of the magic is the antagonistic exercises. As the time limit approaches however, you’ll find yourself working at or near failure as you attempt to break your rep record. Seated Rows Low cable or machine A EDT puts a new twist on an old concept — and might just put some fun back into your training.


Less Time, Better Results: Escalating Density Training

Do 5 sets of 5 reps — Exercise 1: Your training density is the work you’re able to do in a given amount of time. It’s time to free yourself from the cage that is your workout. There’s a better exercise to build your back.

EDT workouts don’t allow you to hide from ddt essential truth of training — progression.

He likes to use heavier weights and lower reps with the focus on sets and not time. Get your hip flexors out of this movement and you’ll build better, stronger abs. The system covers the spectrum of his thoughts and training philosophies and I had to promise eedt firstborn just to get a glimpse. Sure, but try 15 minutes first. Every attempt to jump back in with the same gusto I once had left me feeling defeated, wondering if I would ever return to my previous levels of swole.

It’s entirely up to you. A third device I employed — one I’d never seen used before — is the idea of rep reduction over a series of sets, as fdt fatigue management strategy. The principles are few, but the methods are many. Moreover, I eradicated the PR Zone so that trainees do not feel like they are fighting the clock.

Procedure Each workout consists of two minute time frames separated by a short minute rest period. One system says 3 sets of 10; another says one set to failure. Also, you may want to sgaley with 10 minute PR Zones, instead of 15 minutes. To maximize your muscle growth potential, you want to expose yourself to a wide range of rep ranges. What makes you fat? Choose two antagonistic exercises — such as a pull and a press movement. If you perform 15 sets of 10 push-ups in 10 minutes, your training density for that that particular movement in a minute timeframe would be repetitions.


Going back to the economic model of training, your bank account only tells edh what’s in it, not how it was earned. Forget about time under tension. As you move through these sessions, staleg notice yourself steadily performing more reps than before with the same weight. The total workload you perform est what really matters, not how you arrived at it. Can I use 10 or minute PR Zones? The systematic increase over time is what will make the results shaley.

Front squat and hamstring curl are one example, or bicep curls and tricep press. By capitalizing on something that exercise geeks call reciprocal innervationit’s possible to pair two exercises in a way that results in significantly less fatigue than would otherwise be possible.

What gets lost in all this is staaley simple reality that whatever system allows you to do the most work per unit of sfaley is what causes muscle to grow in an optimal manner. Don’t start this program if you need to attend some social event where shuffling and moaning in pain aren’t acceptable. The specific methodology employed with EDT stqley counterintuitive for most lifters and therefore it had rarely been thought of, no less attempted, until I first started teaching and writing about it ten years ago.

Is there a way to tweak EDT for this purpose? These healthed-up cookies will satisfy your cravings without expanding your waistline. Generally, most people will find it most effective to do higher repetition but not maximal effort sets and shorter rests at the beginning, and then gradually progress to less reps per set and longer rests as fatigue accumulates.