Dramouss [Camara Laye] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After Sekou Toure broke off diplomatic relations with France in , Laye left in Laye later made contradictory statements about when he wrote Dramouss. Il rappelle à l’enfant l’histoire de l’écrivain Camara Laye, son grand- père, et . l’ IFAN. C’est au cours de cette période qu’il rédigea Dramouss (), la suite de.

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Camara Laye

Guinean novelist, short story writer, and essayist, who first gained fame in the s with his laue L’Enfant noirThe African Childa poetic re-creation of the author’s childhood days, oaye Le Regard du roiThe Radiance of the King. The latter work with its theme, a frustrating quest for an unattainable authority, has been compared to Franz Kafka ‘s novel The Castle Laye’s third novel, Dramousswas banned in Guinea.

At that time the country was under French rule. His father was a goldsmith; both of Laye’s parents were reputed to possess supernatural powers. Laye grew up in his grandmother’s compound in Tindican, an area of Kurussa, and was raised a Moslem. He attended a Koranic school and continued his education at a French school, and then at the College Georges Poiret, a vocational school in Conakry, Guinea’s capital. During this period he met Marie Lorifo, his childhood friend in L’enfant noirwhom he married later in They had four children.


After earning a scholarship Laye moved in to France, where he studied in Argenteuil at the Central School of Automobile Engineering, gaining a certificate as a mechanic. When his scholarship expired, he supported himself in odd jobs, at the Simca auto-assembly plant and Paris public transport, and continued studying at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts, and the Technical College for Aeronautics and Automobile Construction.

In he obtained the diploma of Engineering. The protagonist, a young boy called Fatoman, observes his surroundings and people, without always fully understanding them. Laye uses simple language, leaving much to the imagination of the reader. When Fatoman pulls Fanta’s hair and she asks why he does it, the answer is indisputable: You are a girl!

The Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe considered the book “too sweet” for his taste. Thomas Lask in the Dramousx York Times saw that it was a “tender re-creation of African life, mysterious in detail but haunting and desirable in spirit.

It tells of Clarence, a shipwrecked impatient European. Critics have often pointed out similarities between Clarence’s nightmarish, absurd experiences and the labyrinths of Kafka’s novels. And when Joseph K.

Laye was made the first ambassador to Ghana. He served a number of posts outside Ghana before returning to Conakry, where he worked for the Department of Economic Agreements, and was then appointed Director of National Institute of Research and Documentation.

A Dream of Africa | work by Laye |

In the mids he fled with his family to the neighboring Ivory Coast before settling in Senegal. When Laye’s wife Marie visited Guinea to see her family, she was dramous for seven years. Laye’s Dramouss A Dream of Africawas published in Paris inbreaking his twelve years long silence as a novelist.

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It continued the story of Fatoman, but was more political. Fatoman, after returning to his home, has difficulties in readjusting himself to his caamra surroundings in Africa.

The idealized way of life he had longed abroad is corrupted by political violence. In a prison Fatoman sees a dream in which a black lion brings peace to Guinea.

In Senegal Laye’s economic situation was difficult. After being released inMarie considered her position in the family unacceptable, and divorced. In Laye became ill with a kidney infection, but with the help of an international campaign, money was raided for his treatment in Paris.

In the s and s Laye gathered material from cqmara storytellers, the griots.

A Dream of Africa

Choose another writer in this calendar: Bernard ; World Authorsed. John Wakeman ; ‘Assimilated Negroitude: Idealist and mystic’ by A. Brench, in African Literature Todayno. An Interpretation’ by J. Jahn, in Dramouzs Orpheus 6 Selected works: L’Enfant noir, – The Dark Child transl.