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Waterfalls in the El Castrero River. The state capital is San Juan de Los Morros. In the late nineteenth century from it was involved in a series of re-arrangements of Venezuelan states, eventually re-emerging as an independent state in Its first capital was Calabozo until Octoberits second Ortiz untilwhen the capital was moved to San Juan de los Morros. This is a list of newspapers in Venezuela, both national and regional. It also includes newspapers with other languages and themes.

National Newspaper Edition city Digital edition Caracas http: All cities listed must have a population of at leastresidents, because this is a list of cities not towns.

Venezuela is a federation made up of twenty-three states Spanish: Distrito Capital and the Federal Dependencies Spanish: Dependencias Federaleswhich consist of a large number of islands and islets on the Caribbean Sea.

Venezuela also claims the Guayana Esequiba territory which comprises six districts in the independent nation of Guyana. The states and territories of Venezuela are usually organized into regions Spanish: Historical states Prior to the Federal War —the country was divided into provinces rather than states see Provinces of Venezuela.

The victorious forces were supposed to grant more autonomy to the individual states, but this was not implemented.

From to the early s there were numerous territorial changes, including the merger and splitting of states, but from then until the s the states were left unchanged. Its headquarters are located in Caracas, Venezuela. However, the first licenses were signed and revoked nine times before the first stretch was operating.

The first lines connected Caracas to i Lepage also was part of the Secretariat of Organization of the party. UNOS has a population of inhabitants. The vicinity of the city was the scene of the Battle of Valle de la Pascua in February History Valle de la Pascua was founded in the 18th century as part of the colonization and expansion of the Spanish presence on to the Alto Llano de Caracas, the name given to the central plains imppacto the ciario Province of Diariio, whose capital was Caracas.

It is a continental mainland with numerous islands located off its coastline in the Caribbean Sea.

Venezuela borders Guyana to the east of the Essequibo River, Brazil to the south, and Colombia to the west. Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, St. Terminal building and control tower of Jacinto Lara International Airport. Panoramic view of La Chinita International Airport. The John the Baptist Monument is a The monument was carved in the hills of Calabozo and moved to San Juan in The statue is surrounded by concrete lions and old cannons that serve as gatekeepers in a symbolic protective attitude around the monument.

He would get another title opportunity against Reiya Konish this time for the regular version of the WBA title. It may refer to: D is one of the first telephone service enterprises in Venezuela, founded in The company was re-nationalized in and is the largest telecommunications provider in Venezuela. Guerrero to build and operate a telephone network in the Federal District and the States of the Union.

References “Las bandas de Miss Venezuela ya tienen nombre”. Proposed railway network Click on map to enlarge Railway stations in Venezuela include: Cities with Rapid Transit City with underground railway system: Caracas El Metro de Caracas, operated by C. Metro de Caracas Los Teques Metro – opened in History Construction and decoration The palace shortly after its construction, circa Interior of the palace in the beginning of the 20th century Construction on the building started on 27 Aprilunder the direction of Giuseppe Orsi, intended as the family residence of Joaquin Crespo.


Tillandsia is a genus of around species of evergreen, perennial flowering plants in the family Bromeliaceae, native to the forests, mountains and deserts of northern Mexico and south-eastern United States, Mesoamerica and the Caribbean to mid Argentina.

San-Juan-de-los-Morros | Revolvy

Their leaves, more or less silvery in color, are covered with specialized cells capable of rapidly absorbing ambient humidity. Their light seeds and a silky parachute facilitate this spread. Due to the epiphytic way of life of the plants the peculiarity arises that these bulbs do not lie in the ground, but hang in the air on branches.

The Climate of Venezuela is characterized for being tropical and isothermal as a result of its geographical location near the Equator, but because of the topography and the dominant wind direction, several climatic types occur which can be the same as found in temperate latitudes, and even polar regions.

Latitude exerts little influence on the Venezuelan climate, but the altitude changes it dramatically, particularly the temperature, reaching values very different according to the presence of different thermal floors. The coldest part in the country are loc She was first introduced as Miss Aragua in the Miss Venezuela competition, she won the contest, giving her the opportunity to go to the Miss Universe pageant, where she got the first runner up title.


Ruiz has been one of the most publicized Miss Venezuelas in the recent years, having been compared to Alicia Machado Miss Universe Like Alicia, she won her national title against every prediction in a contest where the results are almost never surprise and was considered a “rebel” Miss Venezuela.

Also, like Alicia, she turned in a spectacular performance at Miss Universe, in comparison to more “conventional” titleholders, and overcame a number of major odds both within and outside her control. Pageant career Ruiz actually tried twice for the Miss Venezuela title, the first time in when she did not even place into the top c Several major cities have metro systems; the Caracas Metro has been operating since The Maracaibo Metro and Valencia Metro were opened more recently.

Although settled as immigrants in the second half of anado 20th century, records of previous centuries prove there ikpacto Hungarians who visited Venezuela motivated by exploratory interests. History Most Hungarian immigrants arrived from Europe inand soon began meeting in Caracas, initially in private homes and later they were in a small rented house in neighborhood of “Los Chorros” in Caracas.

List of newspapers in Venezuela

Hungarian Protestant community mostly Calvinist and Lutheran then began meeting to read the Holy Scriptures, and to celebrate religious ceremonies Miguel Acosta born April 20, is a Venezuelan professional boxer. He resides in the capital of Caracas. His nickname is “Aguacerito”.

He is the former World Boxing Association lightweight champion. Professional career Acosta turned professional in and compiled a record of before knocking out Paulus Moses on May 29, to impactk the new WBA lightweight champion.

She represented Venezuela in Miss Earthmaking it to the Top 8 during the finals. Municipalities of Venezuela are subdivisions of the States of Venezuela. There are municipalities dividing the 23 states and Capital District.


Municipalities and their seats by federal entity Capital District Libertador Bolivarian Municipality Caracas Libertador covers about half of the city of Caracas, officially a metropolitan area; the rest of the city is covered by four adjacent municipalities in Miranda state: It is located on channel Public media After reviewing the possible reach and penetration of the different types of media, the Venezuelan government decided to assign specific functions: National television Venezolana de Television – News, broadcasts began in August aaco TVes – Generalist, started broadcasting in May ViVe – Educational and Cultural impcato began in November Radio Local radio Alba Ciudad Ochoa Quintero February 14, — July anacco, was a male professional track duario road racing cyclist from Venezuela.

It is located in the neighborhood of San Juan de Los Morros. From its highest point you can see the city in a panoramic view. Taking the regional highway of the center are to 2 hours of Impcto. It is about hills of reef limestone rocks that rise in a toothed form which had their evolution when an ancient sea covered this area 80 million years ago.

It presents the formation of numerous caves of small size. Its main attraction is the hills, geological formations that rise up to 1, meters, consisting of reef limestone dating 80 million yea Location of Venezuela Venezuela is a federal republic located on the northern anwco of South America.

Oil was discovered in the early 20th century and, today, Venezuela has the world’s largest known oil reserves and has been one of the world’s leading exporters of dixrio. Previously an underdeveloped exporter of agricultural commodities such as coffee and cocoa, oil quickly came to dominate exports and government revenues.

The s oil glut led to an external debt crisis and a long-running economic crisis.

Diario Impacto

It is protected as per decree published in Official Gazette of Venezuela, No. Towards the south we continue with the Topo Cruz and the row La Glorieta. Further to the east in the direction of the city of San Juan are other mountain ranges including the Paraparo Topo.

San Juan ; Spanish pronunciation: As of the census, it is the 46th-largest city under the jurisdiction of the United States, with a population ofPuerto Rico’s capital is the second oldest European-established capital city in the Americas, after Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic.

Today, San Juan is Puerto Rico’s most important seaport[6] and is the island’s manufacturing, financial, cultural, and tourism center. The Universidad Central de Venezuela old campus in The building also served as the location for the National Library when it was founded in It is known as the “Palacio de las Academias”.

Venezuela has a wide array of universities, offering courses in a broad variety of subjects, spread between a total 23 public and 24 private universities located across several states. The design was drawn up by the Italian engineer Battista Antonelli; originally under the control of Spain, the fortress was captured by the British inand was returned to the Spanish under treaty terms a year later.

In this case, the Spanish “morro” means a rock which is very visible from the sea and therefore serves as a navigational landmark.