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Dewey Lambdin is the author of fourteen previous Alan Lewrie novels. A member of the U.S. Naval Institute and a Friend of the National Maritime Museum in. The complete series list for – The Naval Adventures of Alan Lewrie Dewey Lambdin. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards. Often compared to the novels of C.S. Forester and Patrick O’Brian, Dewey Lambdin’s historical fiction series follows the naval adventures of Alan Lewrie.

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Often compared to the novels of C. Starting as a young midshipman in The King’s Coat, Lewrie rises in the ranks and sees some of the greatest naval battles of the American Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. In the worthy tradition of… More. The King’s Coat by Dewey Lambdin. The very first Alan Lewrie naval adventure in thi… More. Shelve The King’s Coat.

Read Currently Reading Want to Read. The French Admiral by Dewey Lambdin. Alan Lewrie is a scandalous young rake whose amor… More. Shelve The French Admiral. The King’s Commission by Dewey Lambdin. Shelve The King’s Commission. The King’s Privateer by Dewey Lambdin.


His Majesty’s secret agent Fresh from war in… More. Shelve The King’s Privateer. The Gun Ketch by Dewey Lambdin. It’s and Alan Lewrie has his own ship at deewey More. Shelve The Gun Ketch. Cockerel by Dewey Lambdin.

You could get addicted to this series. A King’s Commander by Dewey Lambdin. Shelve A King’s Commander. Jester’s Fortune by Dewey Lambdin. The year is and the soil of Piedmont and Tus… More. King’s Captain by Dewey Lambdin. Following the footsteps of Horatio Hornblower and… More. Sea of Grey by Dewey Lambdin.

Shelve Sea of Grey. Havoc’s Sword by Dewey Lambdin. Dewey Lambdin’s lovable but incorrigible rogue, C… More. The Captain’s Vengeance by Dewey Lambdin.

It is early February,a year of war. Shelve The Captain’s Vengeance. A King’s Trade by Dewey Lambdin. Shelve A King’s Trade. Troubled Waters by Dewey Lambdin. The Baltic Gambit by Dewey Lambdin.

The Naval Adventures of Alan Lewrie Series in Order – Dewey Lambdin – FictionDB

Shelve The Baltic Gambit. King, Ship, and Sword by Dewey Lambdin. Shelve King, Ship, and Sword. The Invasion Year by Dewey Lambdin.

The Invasion Year” is the seventeenth tale in Dew… More. Shelve The Invasion Llambdin.

Dewey Lambdin (Author of The King’s Coat)

Reefs and Shoals by Dewey Lambdin. Shelve Reefs and Shoals. Hostile Shores by Dewey Lambdin. The King’s Marauder by Dewey Lambdin. The year starts out badly for Captain Alan L… More.


Dewey Lambdin

Shelve The King’s Marauder. Kings and Emperors by Dewey Lambdin. Shelve Kings and Emperors. Shelve A Hard, Cruel Shore. A Fine Retribution by Dewey Lambdin. Dewey Lambdin, the reigning master of maritime fi… More. Shelve A Fine Retribution. An Onshore Storm by Dewey Lambdin. From reigning master of martime fiction Dewey Lam… More.

Shelve An Onshore Storm. Lamdbin ADO about Lewrie: The twenty-fifth novel in Dewey Lambdin’s belove… More. An Alan Lewrie Naval Adventure. For King and Country: The King’s Commission … More. Shelve For King and Country: The Naval Adventures of Alan Lewrie.

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Book deaey Part 1. Alan Lewries erstes Kommando by Dewey Lambdin. Alan Lewries erstes Kommando. Book 7 Part 2. Alan Lewrie auf schwierigem Kurs by Dewey Lambdin.

Shelve Die Herausforderung II. Alan Lewrie auf schwierigem Kurs.