Victor Lamme wrote De vrije wil bestaat niet (Free will does not exist) in which he says that human behavior is directed by stimulus-response. Groen, I. I. A., Ghebreab, S., Lamme, V. A. F., & Scholte, H. S. (). The time course of .. De vrije wil bestaat niet: over wie er echt de baas is in het brein. Paperback. De vrije wil bestaat niet: over wie er echt de baas is in het brein. Paperback. Books by Victor Lamme. Showing 3 Results Books: Advanced Search.

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Victor Lamme

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Science, The Split-Brain phenomenon revisited: A single conscious agent with split perception.

De vrije wil bestaat niet: over wie er echt de baas is in het brein

Trends in Cognitive Sciences21 11 Divided perception but undivided consciousness. Brain5— Conscious visual memory with minimal attention. Journal of Experimental Psychology.


General2 The time course of natural scene perception with reduced attention. Journal of Neurophysiology2 Besyaat knowledge about objects determines neural color representation in human visual cortex. Cerebral Cortex26 4 Cerebral Cortex26 5 Consciousness is not necessary for visual feature binding. Top-down modulation in human visual cortex predicts the stability of a perceptual illusion. Journal of Neurophysiology4 Pupil size tracks perceptual content and surprise.

European Journal of Neuroscience bstaat, 41 8 Expectations accelerate entry of visual stimuli into awareness. Journal of Vision15 8[13]. Neural correlates of visual short-term memory dissociate between fragile and working memory representations.

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prof. dr. V.A.F. (Victor) Lamme – University of Amsterdam

Journal of Vision13 3 Psychological Science24 brije GABA shapes the dynamics of bistable perception. Current Biology23 9 Two Stages in Scene Gist Perception.


vrijee In Vision Sciences Society. Neuronal integration in visual cortex elevates face category tuning to conscious face perception. A true science of consciousness explains phenomenology: Trends in Cognitive Sciences16 3 Low-level contrast statistics are diagnostic of invariance of natural textures.

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The flexible nature of unconsicous cognition. PLoS One6 9[e]. Dissociable brain mechanisms underlying the conscious and unconscious control of behavior. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience23 1 Pre-SMA gray-matter density predicts individual differences in action selection in the face of conscious and unconscious response conflict.

Vrime of Cognitive Neuroscience23 2 Proline and COMT status affect visual connectivity in children with 22q PLoS One6 10e How awareness changes the relative weights of evidence vroje human decision-making.