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SE Error! INSTRUCTION MANUAL. RevNo . Thank you for purchasing Datavideo’s SE Digital Video Switcher. Except as specifically explained elsewhere in this manual, do not attempt to service The Datavideo HS combines the SE 4 channel switcher with the. The SE is a broadcast quality four Instruction Manual and Demo CD. Datavideo Locations Datavideo Corporation USA. U.

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Chroma Key Sample applications We figured, being practical minded, that the best way to show off what the SE can do is to give you some examples of how it could be used in real life situations. Don’t show me this message again. When they are set at Unity, at 6, they pass the audio signal through at the same level it was at when it entered this bus. Product Overview Now you can shoot, mix, and edit, all within the DV25 format.

SE – Datavideo Technologies Co.

Transitions 2 of this manual: Page 37 Auto-play The Take-button automatically plays the selected transition between the selected sources. Mode selects and use The default mode for the SE, and the one you will use most often, is Video.

Page 29 Tech note: These set ups can be modified for use in a lot of different situations. Zoom off to lower left Zoom on from lower left Zoom off to lower right Zoom on from lower right Zoom off to center Zoom on from center Wipe works in conjunction with Border controls except Soft: Freeze This effect freezes the incoming video, as selected on the Main Video Source bus. Auto-play The Take-button automatically plays the selected transition between the selected sources.


Datavideo SE-800 Manuals

You may change it dataivdeo. Warnings And Precautions 7. And what does that really mean? The SE can do 4 kinds of transitions: Using the Keypad to customize a transition The windows at the top of this section display parameter data relating to the selected effect.

Effects There are two places on the SE where you can add effects: Datzvideo stick and mode selector 4. U stands for Unity, or perhaps Unchanged. Using Effects The SE is capable of producing a wide variety of digital effects.

Single channel effects are produced on the source selected in the Main Video Source bus and need no second video input.

Border Ae800 These controls are used in conjunction with the Picture in Picture Effect and the Zoom and Wipe transition only, and can only be activated when either the Picture in Picture or Zoom control is active. Audio follow datavidro switch. Parameters effect variation and speed are displayed in the windows above the Keypad. Controls and Operations page 22 and Output and Monitor, page In either case, it shows that the signal passing through that particular control is being neither boosted nor cut.

The new firmware enables new features as below: There are 8 mosaic patterns to choose from, selected by repeated presses of the up and down buttons.


Page 52 frame synchronizer: Then you can use the joystick to position the effect in real time, anywhere on the screen. The cut is a simple switch from one input source to another, and can be accomplished datavide selecting a source on the Main Source Bus, and then selecting a second one. Audio follow video switch 7. Page 22 Border control 9.

Page 18 Do this: All the trademarks are the properties of their respective owners. Page 33 Audio Input Level Calibration Procedure The first step in setting up the audio for a session with your SE consists of adjusting the levels on each channel you will be using. General Purpose Interface, a simple trigger device.

In addition to its digital memory, a TBC also has controls that affect the look of the video that passes through it. They are called faders because they are used to decrease rather dataideo increase the signal levels to make a balanced and pleasing mix. Page 64 9 is Vin V5. When engaged, this control allows you to compensate for delays in the video as it travels through the various components, processors, and converters of the Switcher, so that the video maintains sync with the audio.

BNC connector for bringing in a Serial Digital video manusl from a computer graphics card, which will automatically be overlaid on the output mix of the SE