Aberrant dpdf – ForteStudios Films. Views. 5 years ago. Quantum, · Bonus, · Novas, · Nova, · Aberrant, · Superhuman, · Utopia, · Feat. Aberrant was originally a white wolf game keyed off the storyteller engine, so porting it to d20 would cause some weirdness. Is there a reason. The original Aberrant product line was discontinued in , though a d20 System version was released in ” Source: Wikipedia, “Aberrant”, available.

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What do you think about the d20 version? I got the book and it seemed to me, as they made Aberrant a low power setting. Here is the original: I don’t know why they also say: I haven’t got the thing yet maybe today As such, all D20 characters no matter the game need to be of roughly the same power at the same level – otherwise the experience system doesn’t work.

The experience system is one of the bits you’re not allowed to game with the old ‘open license’ thing. So, it’s no surprise that D20 Aerrant characters start off very low-powered compared to ST Aberrant characters – it’s just a function of the system that can’t be avoided.

Sounds like it has the same problems as any other d20 game.

Aberrant (d20 Edition) | RPG | RPGGeek

Low power levels, exp levels, which suck by the way imho as a way of improving character stats, and HPs. No real flexibility, and lower level characters don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell against higher level characters.

I thought the whole point of Aberrant was the that there were all these people appearing with all these ridiculous powers, even from the moment they erupt, and that there are certain trade-offs between taint and power, but not necessarily for everyone.

The flexibility and realism inherent in the ST system seem not just desireable, but necessary for the plot and game to make any sense at all. I just can’t see it making much sense or being very much fun. THere is mroe flexability in that system then in the other systems it is free off their web site if you wanna see. And quite frankly you aberrat make some power-houses with a base lvl 1 character I dont want to start some d20 bashing abeerant have been done beforbut I do belive that it will have the largest problems with abberant, just becous the balance between taint and quantum Is it just me or is there something wrong with the idea that a 10th level abby should be about as strong as a 10th level psion, or warrior, or whatever?

In D20 games a character’s character level that is to say, overall total number of levels from all sources added together is compared with an encounter’s CR Challenge Rating to determined how much experience the character receives from beating that encounter.

The point being, the harder the encounter, the more experience the character should get for beating it. For example, a teenage mugger armed with a switch-blade may be CR 1. It’s not a mechanic to determine if ‘Novas are better than baselines’, it’s a purely game-balance mechanic. Firstly – there’s no level adjustment for characters with ‘templates’, even though those templates add a great deal of power, for no penalties – that just unbalances a well-balanced system.

Second, the super-science rules from Adventure! D20 have been copied exactly, with the same innate problems see my previous rants about Adventure! D20 for full details:: Third, Dramatic Editing has been aberfant, but again copied directly – however, Novas gain vastly more power points than Inspired characters – so now Novas can Dramatic Edit much, much, more than their Adventure!

However, overall, this book is much better than Adventure!

Well, because Aberrant aberrant needed an overhaul, whilst Adventure! I’m pleased to see that Aberrant D20 is fully compatible with Adventure! D20 – I had my doubts before I read it, but the compatability actually goes some way to explaining certain of the weird choices they made in the Adventure!


The 5 core classes are identical to those Adventure!

The ‘missing’ core class from Adventure! D20 is Aristocrat – which seems strange, considering it was meant to be a generic abergant playboy’ class, a classic superhero schtick, plus the good Count Orzaiz would seem a natural as an Aristocrat.

Aberrant RPG – Aberrant d20 – Trinity Continuum RPG – RPG Post

None of the classes are Nova-specific, so a baseline political activist could well be a Crusader, or a baseline boxer a Gladiator, etc. Since the classes are all compatible with Adventure! D20, you can use an Aristocrat, or any of the Adventure! That includes the DM’s favourite – the Mastermind supervillains in Aberrant? The book handles Superhuman Feats i. No longer is Mega-Strength the black sheep, abrrrant all six Mega-Attributes work the same way – as a base they add the character’s Quantum as aberrxnt bonus to the attribute in question.

Since Quantum rises as the character gains levels, this means that any Mega-Attributes also increase as he gains levels. Quite a few from the ST version didn’t make it notably most of the Social Enhancementsbut that doesn’t appear to be any great loss, as much of the slack is taken up in other ways e. Powers still have 3 levels, although many are now level 1 powers.

Aberranr Quantum Knacks in Adventure! Aberant – which all cost a single ‘slot’, but require lower level Knacks as prerequistites – powers cost a number of ‘slots’ equal to their level. Characters with the Superhuman Template i.

Novas gain 1 power slot, aberraant one more per 2 levels i. Power slots can be spent on powers duh! Background Feats just like in Adventure! The inclusion of several of the Adventure! Me, I like having the option. The Background Feats are also identical to aberrrant Adventure! D20 versions, where duplicated, so three tiers of Follows can give your character Legions unlike the 5 guys you get at maximum in the ST version.

D20 rules, with Quantum powers replacing Quantum Knacks. The question of power levels is a relative one. A level 1 D20 character is not meant to be the equivalent of a starting level ST system character. A level 1 character averrant a complete novice, whereas your average ST character is presumed to have led a certain amount of a life before they come into play.

The only big issue I saw was that characters gain power slots from r20 point at which they gain the Superhuman Template. This penalises any character who doesn’t gain the Template at level 1.

The simple fix is to allow characters power slots based on their overall character levels, rather than starting from scratch.

Aberrant d20, hardback roleplaying game

This would accurately simulate more experienced characters erupting with more power – just like a starting ST character. After all, we have to presume that average ST characters like Elites or T2Mers are guys who have, in D20 terms, already reached prestige class levels – like Mercenary or Crusader. I like the way Taint is handled in the D20 version. A character with more aberrant levels than character levels is considered an aberrant, rather than a Nova. Characters can also just take aberrant levels in place of class levels if they want to for all those Terats out there.

Unlike the hasty conversion that Adventure! D20 appeared to be, this book has actually fixed pretty much all the problems that the original ST version had. IMHO, it’s well worth the money. Hit points, levels, classes. Give me a nice flexible, unbalanced ST system any day over that crap. Just because it’s more ‘balanced’ doesn’t mean it makes any sense at all in terms of realism.

In fact, I would argue that any game system that was realistic at all would be somewhat lacking in game balance. For instance, it may be more balanced to base damage off of the character’s level and do it against an opponent’s hps, but it makes no sense that the 20th level baseline crimelord should be any harder to kill in terms of hitting them with your fists or with your powers than that 1st level baseline mugger.


I’m sorry, I just don’t buy it, never have, never will. Getting more and more interested in picking up this book, I have to see how things are done first hand Ok some thoughts on this going on what’s been said so far and what I know about the d20 system, those with the book let aberraht know what I’ve got wrong Assuming Quickness can be purchased many times, then it became far too deadly for the d20 system if they’re trying to keep Aberrant aberrajt mid-level supers game.

Improved unarmed combat feat I’m assuming is Improved Brawl is necessary for any character who wants to be able to hit anything without recieving some serious penalties to hit and giving your oponents the hated attack of opertunity free attack for those who don’t know just because they have a broken beer abrerant in hand and you’re going bareknuckled on them. Just a thought; I think the way to abberrant the characters more inline with the originals power level would be to have the mega’s increase the modifier by the quantum trait not merely increasing the skill by that number.

If you ignore multi-classing and feats, then yeah, there’s no flexibility:: Even allowing for starting at 3rd level, a number of characters that were fun to do in ST anerrant as fun or simply impossible to do in D20 poor Nullifier:: Shape-shifters and elemental masters seem really screwed.

The multi-classing and d200 help with the flexibility, but the second point you made takes aberrznt from it. Another point being that with all the power levels based solely on level or quantum, which is also based on level to a certain extent, aberranr impossible to be really good at agerrant particular thing, and moderately or less good at other things. Also, Prof’s opinion that they ‘fixed’ mega-strength non-withstanding, I’d say that they nuetered it, and aberraant novas along with it.

They’ve gone from punching through inch thick steel walls and tossing about tanks, lifting mountains, creating massively destructive bolts of energy, and so on from the get-go, to wimps that with mega-str and lifter enhancement couldn’t, even min-maxed with lots of aberrant levels and such at level 20, lift as much as an ST nova with mega-str 1 and the lifter enhacement and node 1.

That says it all to me. What’s the point of playing guys with superpowers if they’re relatively wimpy superpowers? To begin with, I have to say that I have never looked at Abberant d20 and probably never will, at least not if no new books surface. I think they are very unstructered, especialy the “normal” quantum powers as opposed to the mega attributes.

What is needed is some sort of level adjustment, and “more” levels and feats might be the thing A revision is needed for the Elemental Powers, as it is now they are too incoherent to be logical.

What is needed for them, as well as for the rest of the powers is some sort of standard on what can be done with this and that aberranr of nova points I actualy like the mega attributes, they are logical, all except Intelligence Come to think about it, there is nothing wrong with Intelligence eather, just its lack of references to what you can do No, no problem with them, exept perhaps that I would have liked some strength ones that where interesting, but thats just my opinion, so dont mind it.

NO level four powers and above I understand that WW needs some meta-plot powers such as Wycoffs big bangbut why aberant say something like that those who use said powers die I mean, what player and what ST in there right mind would allow Timetravel exept for a very special series and In that case, creating abeerrant work fine imho.