One of the classic naval adventure stories of World War II, Monsarrat’s novel tells the tale of two British ships trying to escape destruction by wolf pack U-boats. The Cruel Sea by Nicholas Monsarrat, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Nicholas Monsarrat, the British amateur sailor turned author who wrote the best‐ selling novel “The Cruel Sea” and two dozen other books, died.

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A superb book, as good at depicting ordinary lives as it is at portraying the ‘big’ heroic moments. The depth charges are set, the barrels launched. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Especially enjoyable was their perspective on the Americans, during an interlude in NYC circa A book that speaks to you and makes you part of its story.


I myself have more than once divested myself of books, having traded in almost all softcovers to paperback exchange I’ve kept a list of books finished since the middle of college and can be sure to include all of them in GoodResds. It’s truly outstanding, written by a former Royal Navy officer who drew on his own harrowing adventures for the basic narrative.

We eventually lose our peace-of-mind to a constant and continuing struggle. There was no one like Gregg, the seaman with the unfaithful wife, there was no one like Wainwright to cherish the depth charges, there was no one like Yeoman Wells who looked after the signal men with a father’s care; or if there were these characters on board, as there must still have been, they did not meet the eye, they had monsadrat permanent disguise of being names on a watch bill or a pay list, not individuals whose foibles had to be crjel.

There sez throwaway writing instead nonsarrat on the page on which we learn the the Compass Rose is to be fitted with radar in her refit after two years at war, one officer gets to reflect how he had asked and requested radar and always been denied, but as this was the first time it was mentioned there was no sense of achievement, nor of frustration at the conduct of the war.


I don’t award five stars easily, but this deserves nicholaas one of them. Absolutely brilliant, and I am very surprised that it hasn’t come to be regarded as a classic, although I imagine that coming out in made it easy to overlook.

And WWII brought in a new wave of science and technology to naval warfare: Some will survive the war, and some won’t – but all of them will be changed by their experiences. This book focuses on humans that monsarrzt thrown into war from their peacetime lives. You have to have at least some kind of interest in the subject matter when reading a book like The Cruel Sea and some broader knowledge about WW II certainly helps. The best 2nd World War novel I’ve read.

Two of the scariest moments of my life.

The criticisms that I have for The Cruel Sea are not numerous. The men aboard her are trying to do their jobs, not wrestling with the larger, existential implications of warfare.

Therefore it was an unusual and happy occasion earlier today when Martin walked with me to the Park Ridge Library booksale and I espied a copy of Monsarrat’s The Cruel Sea, a novel Dad had had and which I had read sometime in childhood. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Books are far, far, far longer when read aloud. My friend described leaving port with scores of other ships in a convoy that might cover 20 miles of ocean.

Resigning his wartime commission inMonsarrat entered the diplomatic service. I’ve managed to avoid seeing the nichopas repeated film on Eea. I once worked with a man that was in the U. The Cruel Sea by Nicholas Monsarrat. U-Boats sneak up on unsuspecting ships and fire their submerged missiles.

You follow them as they stay up for hours on end, because the gales are so strong they can’t sleep. Packed with tension and vivid descriptions of agonizing U-boat hunts, this tale of the most bitter and chilling campaign of the war tells of ordinary, heroic men who had to face a brutal menace which would strike without warning from the deep.

Death comes to many, and it is a testament to the efficacy of this style that these moments were quietly powerful. I have placed this book on my to-buy list. His lifelong love of sailing made him a capable naval officer, and he served with distinction in a series of small warships assigned to escort convoys and protect them from enemy attack.


Above all, it is a true story because that is the only kind worth telling. Somehow the tradition of the Royal Navy and the knowledge of the importance of their work carries them through. The suffering of the victims of conflict is usually reduced to numbers – 3 dead in Iraq, 2 wounded in Afghanistan. For those who like books glorifying war, this is not for you.

The Cruel Sea (novel) – Wikipedia

Quotes from The Cruel Sea. The sprawling cast list encompasses men and a few women of every rank and rating, giving us a variety of viewpoints on the war. But it’s a novel that is about the ssa of war and as such, it should be read by everyone, particularly those who think war is a game, or those who can play so easily with other men’s lives. The book is fiction and covers the life of a convoy escort ships in the Royal Navy. I myself have more than once divested myself of books, having traded in almost all softcovers to paperback exchanges, having given away hundreds of science fiction novels and collections.

Dec 01, Mk rated it really liked it Shelves: Arguably the best novel of war at sea. Established as a top name writer, Monsarrat’s career concluded with ‘The Master Mariner’, a historical novel of epic proportions the final part of which was both finished using his notes and published posthumously. Within The Cruel Sea these extremes present themselves as unimaginable situations; situations that humans must live through in order se survive. The Cruel Sea Nicholas Monsarrat.

But don’t expect to be entertained by this book either – but do prepare to be possessed by it. View all 8 comments.