Buy HITACHI CP-RX79, CP-RX82, CP-RX93, DT, ED-X26 Compatible Projector Lamp with Housing on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified. Product Type, LCD Projector. Manufacturer, Hitachi, Ltd. Manufacturer Part Number, CP-RX Product Name, CP-RX79 LCD Projector. Product Model, CP- . Hitachi CP-RX79 – 3LCD projector – portable overview and full product specs on CNET.

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After reading them, store them xr79 a safe place for future reference. Incorrect handling of this product could possibly result in personal injury or physical damage. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any rd79 caused by mishandling that is beyond normal usage defined in these manuals of this projector.

If the power cord or cables is damaged exposed or broken core wires, etc. Also, do not place a spread, cover, etc, over them because this could result in the inadvertent placing of heavy objects on the concealed power cord or cables. Do not attach anything other than specified things to the projector. Neglect could result in an co or damage. Do not attach anything other than specified options such as conversion lens to the screw thread. Incorrect care could have adverse influence such rs79 discoloration, peeling paint, etc.

When excessively soiled dilute a neutral detergent in water, wet and wring out the soft cloth and afterward wipe with a dry soft cloth. Before turning on the power, make the projector cool down adequately. R79 turning the projector rxx79, pushing the restart switch or interrupting of the power supply, make the projector cool down adequately. Operation in a high temperature state of the projector causes a damage of the electrode and un-lighting of the lamp. The lamp can break with a loud bang, or burn out, if jolted or scratched, handled while hot, or worn over time.

Note that each lamp has a different lifetime, and some may burst or burn out soon after you start using them. Some cables have to be used with the core set. Use the accessory cable or a designated-type cable for the connection. For cables that have a core only at one end, connect the core to the projector. Features The projector provides you with the broad use by the following features. This projector realizes the large projection image, even if in a small space.

Solvusoft: Microsoft Gold Certified Company

This compact, lightweight projector uses a front exhaust system that keeps the user comfortable by directing hot air away from the user. Setting up Install the projector according to rx799 environment and manner the projector will be used in. Arrangement Refer to the illustrations and tables below to determine screen size and projection distance.

The values shown in the table pc calculated for a full size screen: Connecting your devices Be sure to read the manuals for devices before connecting them to the projector. Make sure that all the devices are suitable to be connected with this product, and prepare the cables required to connect. Please refer to the following illustrations to connect them. And be sure to tighten the screws on connectors with screws. For details on fx79 this is done, please refer to the If it is damaged, consult your dealer to get a new one.


Then POWER indicator will stop dx79 and light in steady orange when the lamp cooling is complete Do not turn cpp projector on for about 10 minutes or more after turning it off. Also, do not turn the projector off shortly after turning it on. Each time you press the button, the projector switches its input port from the current port as below. Operating Adjusting the projector’s elevator When the place to put the projector is slightly uneven to the left or right, use the elevator feet to place the projector horizontally.

Using the feet can also tilt the c; in order to project Pressing this button performs the following. For a computer signal The vertical position, the horizontal position and the horizontal phase will be automatically adjusted. Make sure that the application window is set to its maximum size prior to attempting to use this feature.

Hitachi CP-RX79 XGA projector – Discontinued

For some input, this function may not work well. On the dialog, triangle marks to show each direction will be displayed.

Each of these menus is operated using the same methods. While the projector is displaying any menu, the MENU button on the projector works as the cursor buttons. The basic operations of these menus are as follows. Even if you do not do anything, the dialog will automatically disappear after about 30 seconds. Then perform it according to the following table. To input component video signal to the projector, an RCA to D-sub cable or adapter is required. WIDE wide-angle focus whenever possible.

Display the image you want to capture before executing the following procedure. When the ON is selected, the item MyScreen is locked.

Item Each input port for this projector can have a name applied to it. The search is started from the current port. Then when an input is found, the projector will stop searching and display the image.

When the time is set to 1 to 99, and when the passed time with no- signal or an unsuitable signal reaches at the set time, the projector lamp will be turned off.

This function does not have any effect on the remote control. If incorrect password is input 3 times, the projector will turn off. Afterwards the projector will turn off every time an incorrect password is input. MyScreen When a password is set for MyScreen: The projector will also turn off if there is no key input for about 5 minutes while the Enter PIN code box is displayed.

A dialog will appear. It performs resetting the lamp time. Turn the projector off, and unplug the power cord. Maintenance Other care Inside of the projector In order to ensure the safe use of your projector, please have it cleaned and inspected by your dealer about once every year.


After making sure that the smoke or odor has stopped, contact to your dealer or service company. Otherwise if a problem occurs with the projector, the following checks and measures are recommended before requesting repair.

The lamp does not light, and there is a possibility that interior portion has become heated.

Please fx79 the power off, and allow the projector to cool down at least 20 minutes. There is a possibility that the interior portion has become heated. Please turn the power off and disconnect the power plug from the power outlet, and allow the projector to cool down at least 45 minutes.

The brightness is adjusted to an extremely low level. No pictures are The computer cannot detect the projector as a plug displayed. Make sure that the computer can detect a plug and play monitor using another plug and play monitor.

The lens is dirty or misty. Contents First of all Operation is subject to the following two conditions: Be sure to use the original packing materials when moving the projector. Use special caution for the lens. Holding the hook part of the battery cover, remove it.

LR6 or R6P according to their plus and minus terminals as indicated in the remote control. Replace the battery cover in the direction of the arrow and snap it back into place. Using the feet can also tilt the projector in order to project at a suitable angle to the screen, elevating the front side of the projector within degrees.

Use the focus ring to focus the picture. See the “Operating Guide” in the CD. Any other method of blocking the projection light, such as attaching something fx79 the lens or placing something in front of the lens, may cause the damage to the projector. Pc not turn the projector on for about 10 minutes or more after turning it off. Such operations might cause the lamp to malfunction or shorten the lifetime of some parts including the lamp.

Click the model name of your projector first, and then click language you want from the displayed list. If cl abnormal operation such as smoke, strange odor or excessive sound should occur, stop using the projector immediately. Refer to the number of display pixels above.

Initial set signals Initial set signals The following signals are used for the initial settings. The signal c; of some PC models may be different. Back porch B Active video C Data RGB separate, Analog, 0.

Hitachi CP-RX79 – 3LCD projector – portable Overview – CNET

For about the pin description of the required cable or adapter, refer to the Page of 95 Go. Thank you for purchasing this projector.

After reading them, store them in a. Various symbols are used in this manual. The meanings of these symbols are. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.