I was browsing around my local gaming store, and came across this Forgotten Realms City of Splendors box set for $ I am running a. I’ve also got this box set, bought it years ago in the 2e days along with the FR campaign setting box. Never figured out what the 3d style maps. AD&D 2nd Ed Forgotten Realms CITY OF SPLENDORS (Rare Waterdeep Box Set and EXC!) | Toys & Hobbies, Games, Role Playing Games | eBay!.

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These supplements are useful, but not absolutely essential, to using this supplement. Even so, you’ve returned for another trip to the Underhalls, so be prepared.

First, ye’ve walked its halls before, and Halaster pays attention to those who visit him frequently and he’s the one you don’t want to have watching you! For more information about Wizards of the Coast or any of Wizards’ trademarks or other intellectual property, please visit their website at www.

The set also has not shown here a smaller overall map of the city, a page guidebook, and a poster with an artist’s rendering: In addition, a full-size poster of Waterdeep is provided, along with a grand-scale three-dimensional map of Castle Waterdeep, hub of the city’s government.

Submit a new link. The city was also visited during the module FRE3 Waterdeepwhich introduced the 2nd edition game. Here’s a photo of me with the 10 maps of Waterdeep put together. Submit a new text est.

[OC] AD&D 2E City of Splendors Boxed Set Score! : DnD

It is likely that most residents would encounter magic in one form or another on at least a weekly basis, if not more frequently. I’ve been wanting to run a campaign in Waterdeep and I would love to get my hands on this thing. The last chapter gives a few example scenes that happen in the area. Sep 16, All images must be original content, must include [OC] or [Art] in the title, and must be accompanied by a description in the comments of at least characters.


There’s precious few treasures worth the death and agony and fear you’ll face. Log in or splendofs up in seconds. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

The first chapter gives an overview of the various wards of the city and the second covers the seasons and ho0luidays.

The final one is an index to all four books of the boxed set. Where the supplement does stand out is in the various NPCs and the various different organisations and groups that players could come in contact with.

City of Splendors (Boxed Set) | #

He’s a dangerous lot, that Maddgoth, and many other met their ends by underestimating that pasty-faced little scarecrow. Enter an endless maze where waiting death bears a thousand faces and icty lie hidden in a thousand places. The fifth chapter describes the Lords of Waterdeep, including their identities, magic and agents. Oh man, I didn’t know it had a tear out bike skimmed that book, and it seems like it would be a great addition.

City of Splendors egdcltd 4. This is a 16 page booklet with no cover by Steven Schend with Ed Greenwood. TM4 maps out not only the grand ciry of Waterdeep, but also to other if featured in the Avatar trilogy: Skip to main content. Second, you’re looking for the lair of that lunatic wizard-murderer from Trades Ward.

To be honest I haven’t read much of the works so if it’s listed in there that’s my bad then: Do not attempt to call anyone out. I think I might just try to amass all of the waterdeep information I can. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions – opens in a new window or tab.

Well, the path to fame allows fools and champions alike, though fools often listen better than heroes. Gold rules the ever-present twilight, and only those with keen eyes and blades may keep it long. Check out the Filter FAQ. All maps are full color, printed on a 36″ by 57″ sheets suitable for use in gaming or as a wall poster. Another two are floorplans, both interior and exterior; one of The Thirsty Throat Tavern and the other of Castle Waterdeep.


From the many-spired towers of Piergeiron’s Palace to the living, ever-changing city of Waterdeep, and suggests many adventures therein.

City of Splendors (Boxed Set)

boded When discussing a specific edition, include the edition in the title or select the appropriate link-flair. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods.

The set will sort of stand on its own, but it really needs at least some of the other supplements mentioned earlier to flesh it out properly, especially Volo’s Guide to Waterdeep. Sign in for more lists. Chapter three, Adventuring in Waterdeep, gives details on creating a Waterdhavian character, including several kits. See full item description. There are six chapters; the first is about the society of Waterdeep, the second briefly covers the nobility, with their coats of arms, areas of interest, and descriptions of some of the more notable.



Filters It is recommended that you go into your preferences and increase your displayed links to Any time you intend to post any promotion, splenrors the mods ahead of time. The second chapter gives a history of the city since its founding, as well as some recent events.

This page book contains: For a full list, see the Related Subreddits wiki page.

It is a city of wealth, adventure, and danger. There are two appendices, one of which gives an example of a dplendors in the life of a Waterdhavian, the second describes The Thirsty Throat Tavern, which also has its own poster map, and expands on the tavern which was covered in Volo’s Guide to Waterdeep. Most apps include their own filtering systems.