Annie’s Song by Catherine Anderson Phantom Waltz by Catherine Anderson Comanche Pomalo naporna, od 3 knjige ove spisateljice ova me bas smorila . Catherine Steadman is an actress and writer based in North London. She is known for her role. World, Darley Anderson Agency Croatia, Mozaik Knjiga. Annie’s Song Catherine Anderson Read: July 10, This is one of those books that I have been waiting for. It’s not always easy to find.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Simply Love by Catherine Anderson. Even the hardest heart can be softened by love Cassandra Zerek is a true innocent in a wild and dangerous place — but her indomitable spirit and gentle soul make her stronger than anyone suspects.

The owner of a Colorado mining empire, Luke Taggart’s wealth and position can buy him anything, yet he has grown bored with a life of saloons, gambling, and loose women. Nothi Even the hardest heart can be softened by love Nothing soothes his restless inner yearning — until he spies Cassandra, as fresh and pure as a spring morning, and vows he will possess her.

But the lady is wise, with an unwavering faith in the magical powers of love. And she’s determined to awaken the good man hiding in Luke’s tormented heart, for only one precious gift will truly win her: Mass Market Paperbackpages. Published April 1st by Avon Books first published Cassandra ZerekLuke Taggart. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Simply Loveplease sign up.

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Lists with This Book. Jun 30, Christine rated it it was ok Shelves: I guess if you read enough of one author, you’re bound to find a failure. Andeson characters were just plain awful.

Luke was a ruthless jerk and Cassandra was just too stupid to breathe. There can be a fine line between stupid and naive, but Cassandra wasn’t actually all that close to it. I tried, at first, to accept her naivety, choosing to be angry with her father for somehow sheltering her to the point that it ruined her, but you just can’t walk around with your eyes open and believe I guess if you read enough of one author, you’re bound to find a failure.

I tried, at first, to accept her naivety, choosing anderso be angry with her father for somehow sheltering her to the point that it catheerine her, but you just can’t walk around with your eyes open and believe some of the things she did. So basically, Luke’s rich, he wants Cassandra as his mistress, he gets whatever he wants to he tries to bribe her father, then when her father tells him to go to hell, he arranges to have her father set up for a crime.

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Then he plays the benevolent protector, has Cassandra sign a contract binding her to him as his mistress for a year. She doesn’t understand what “paid companion” means. She gets confused by the legalize. All right, I’ll try to go with that She has to perform “Marital duties” with him. So she scrubs the floor. He explains it to her again, that she will be “intimate” with him, so she plays a game to reveal personal information about khjige.

She worships him and easily tells him fatherine she loves him.

Worse, they were just all wrong for each other. She really really needed to be a nun like she wanted to be at first and he needed a woman with enough sense to understand him. I only have one nice thing to say about this book: There was one scene in which Luke goes to a prostitute, decides he doesn’t want her after all, and spends a minute actually looking at her and realizing that she’s a person too. So often in romance novels, especially historicals, women like this are used and forgotten while the men who somehow think they’re better than those women go on to find true love.


It was so refreshing to have a book give even a single moment to think of what life might have been like for that prostitute that I gave it a whole star for that scene. Without it, the book would have gotten 1. Do you really want to read a book in which the heroine calls her breasts bubbies? I’ll take breasts, boobs, boobies, knockers, even mum mums with great reluctance View all 3 comments.

Sep 14, Karen rated it really liked it Shelves: Luke Taggart was raised in a brothel by a mother who abused and neglected him.

In his early 20’s, Luke unearthed a fortune in a Colorado gold mine and became one of the richest men in the state. Drowning in a constant parade of women, andsrson, and gambling, Luke denied himself nothing.

If it felt good, he did it. If he wanted it, he took it.

Annie’s Song by Catherine Anderson (Book Review)

After one look at Cassandra Zerek, Luke decided that what he needed to cure the boredom and loneliness in his life was this innocent young woman he couldn’t Luke Taggart was raised in a brothel by a mother who abused and neglected him.

After one look at Cassandra Zerek, Luke decided that what he needed to cure the boredom and loneliness in his life catherie this innocent young woman he couldn’t get off his mind.

There was only one problem, Cassandra’s father stood squarely between them.

Because Luke was used to buying whatever he wanted, he went to Cassandra’s dad and made him an offer for his daughter. Luke wanted her to be his mistress for a year in exchange for what amounted to a fortune to her poor family.

Her dad told Luke what he could do with is “generous” offer. Undeterred, Luke arranged to have Cassandra’s dad and brother arrested on bogus charges so that she would be at his mercy. She would be his mistress or see herself and her little brother turned out onto the streets. Being naive and sheltered, Cassandra couldn’t imagine why Luke would pay so much money to have her as his “paid companion”, but she took the job because she needed the money The contract that she signed also stipulated that he would have custody of any “issue” that would arise from their agreement, but she decided that as friends, no issues would be too big for them to overcome.

After a night spent doing nothing more than playing chess, Luke was extremely frustrated with her complete misunderstanding of what he expected of her. He tried to explain that she had agreed to perform “wifely duties” for him Cassandra was so innocent that she often came across in the book as simpleminded. She knew that her reputation could be tarnished by living in his house, but she had no idea why.

How she made it to 19 years old even in the late ‘s with the innocence of a 5 year old is a complete mystery. Although Cassandra’s naivety was a bit much to take after a while, I did like this book.

Luke came off as a jerk in the beginning, but as it progressed, he began to change and turn into the hero that I have come to expect from Catherine Anderson. He loved her desperately and would do anything to fix the mess he made of the situation by lying to her.


By the end of the book, my heart was breaking for him. He did do some shady things to Cassandra and her family, but he was so desperate to hold onto her that he was willing to do anything.

Luke learned that love, not money, was the path to his heart’s greatest desire. View all 7 comments. Oct 02, Paige Bookdragon rated it it was ok Shelves: Don’t you just hate it when the heroine ruins the book for you?

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Mar 31, Twiggy rated it liked it Shelves: Well, I am not sure The book starts off with Luke Taggart, who pretty much owns the mining town of black jack, Colorado, deciding that he wants Cassandra Zerek as his mistress.

He approaches her father, cathefine is a miner working for him, but Milo is protective of his daughter and makes it clear that his daughter will be no man’s whore. Thereafter luke sets Milo and his son Ambrose up and has them arrested so that he can get to Cassie.

He approaches Cassie, pretending that he is upset that her fat Well, I am not sure He approaches Cassie, pretending that he is upset that her father and brother have been arrested for stealing anderdon him but that he has to have them punished. He offers to take Cassie and her brother Khristos in on the basis that she will be his paid companion for a year, allowing her to pay off the debt.

Luke gets her to sign a contract which strips her of most of her legal rights including to custody of any issue. Cassie is beyond naive and for the first half of the book is wilfully blind to what is going on. She does not understand the terms of the contract she signs; she thinks a paid companion is a friend; andersoj he asks for bedroom games, she plays chess; when he tells her she must submit to wifely duties, she waxes the floor; she wants to be a nun but appears to have no common sense; when the nuns refuse to allow her to teach the children in the orphanage because of her new circumstances, she still doesn’t get it And yet there is something endearing about Cassie and Luke’s interactions.

She thinks the best of him and makes him ashamed of himself so that he ends up living up to her expectations. There are some genuinely funny moments and the reader ends up really feeling for luke, especially in his anderaon with the family dog. Eventually Luke finds himself unable to take advantage of her and within days realises that he can’t live without ahderson and they marry.

She is a virgin on their wedding day. He makes a bad decision about her brother and father and fails to tell her the truth. Milo and Ambrose turn up and everything comes out. Cassie is crushed by what she views as Luke’s betrayal and his attempt to turn her into a whore. Milo insists that his daughter leave with him then and there in the rain in her night dress and that they will take nothing from Luke. They end up living in a cave in a totally impoverished fashion whilst prosing on about how virtuous they are and how vile it was of luke to make Cassie a whore.

Luke does everything he can to try and demonstrate how sorry he is and how much he wants Cassie back.