Eye bolts / thumb screws / wing screws T-head bolts / · furniture fasteners / clamping elements · 5 · Threaded rods / studs / studbolts / · anchoring fasteners. The FABORY range comprises about 40, different fasteners. It is a range With this FABORY CD-ROM catalog, containing about 40, fasteners, you. 13 – FABORY – PENETRATING OIL WITH GRAPHITE. FABORY – GEGRAFITEERDE KRUIPOLIE. FABORY – HUILE PENETRANTE GRAPHITEE.

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Click on the item number to open a separate window and purchase through Grainger.

Catalogo Grainger

Navigation Page-by-Page Click the arrow buttons on the left or right to move to the next page. Thumbnail Browse Click on the gray bar at the bottom of the window to view thumbnails of the pages.

Use the slider to quickly browse through the pages. Zoom Click on the page to zoom in and move around. Click on the page a second time to zoom back out. Home Brings you to the beginning of section currently being browsed. Full Screen Enlarges the view to full screen of your device.

Foam Block—High-density foam block resists acid, solvents, oil, fungus, and liquid. Rugged synthetic block will not warp, crack, split, or harbor harmful bacteria. For wet or dry sweeping in hospitals, laboratories, and food service areas. Fine-Sweeping Floor Brush No. For general purpose sweeping.

Plastic Block—Hygienic plastic block has threaded handle hole to accommodate all types of threaded handles. Flagged tips pick up small particles. For use with threaded handles. Synthetic bristles have pitched angle for sweeping on all types of floor surfaces. Smooth Surface Floor Brooms For use with threaded handles. Suitable for sweeping fine dust and dirt on smooth surfaces, and can be used for wet or dry sweeping applications.

Can be used in wet and dry applications and with detergent and water. Acid- and fungus-resistant fibers last longer than traditional brooms. For use with contractor broom handle No. Silver Flagged Polystyrene Fill—For sweeping up fine dust and dirt on smooth surfaces. Brown Palmyra Fill—For sweeping heavy debris.

Broom comes with a heavy-duty brace. Blue Palmyra Fill—For sweeping heavy dirt and debris. Maroon Polypropylene Fill—For sweeping up heavy dirt and debris on very rough surfaces. APP We go where you go. BOOK Over 4, pages filled with nearlyproducts, and all the specs and info you can use to help get your job done.


Plus, you can order online and pick up at your local branch. You want services and resources that improve how well you do your job. We can help you track down hard-to-find products from thousands of suppliers.

The Custom Product Center is your direct link to products that meet your precise requirements—from air filters to padlocks, we can help you get the right size, message or configuration. Plus, many times Grainger branches will stay open hours unless curfews are imposed by local authorities during major emergencies. Our Call Centers are, as always, available to accept phone orders hours a day, 7 days a week.

Let us help make sure you always have the right products, in the right quantity, when and where you need them. A simple labeling solution on Grainger. Manages your inventory using barcodes Mobile: Ordering solution for inventory that moves Track: Tracks inventory in and out of your stockroom Secure: Controlled product dispensing Grainger KeepStock solutions are subject to customer eligibility and agreements.

Product scan and replenishment by a Grainger Representative Store: Customized Grainger branch at your location Learn more when you visit grainger. Grainger has oversafety products, plus the services and resources you need to help reduce injuries, facilitate compliance, manage risk and increase productivity. See for yourself how we can help when you drop us an email at safetysupport grainger. SM Is that a pool table on page ? And that really is a demolition robot on page What do you need to get done today?

Find just about all the products you need to get it done here.

Fabory – OF COURSE

NE, Tucson, S. Rose Garden Lane, Phoenix, E. Smith, Planters Rd. G, Fresno, Tuolumne St. Airport Way, Los Angeles, S. Myers, Metro Pkwy. SE, Norcross, Crescent Dr. Wayne, Speedway Dr. SW, Davenport, E. Louis, Clark Ave. Metro Park, Rochester, Mt. Paul, Plato Blvd. SW, Columbus, Interchange Rd.

Interstate 35E, Dallas, Pacific Ave. Worth, Cambridge Rd. Worth, Northeast Pkwy. NE, Seattle, 3rd Ave. For up-to-date international information go to grainger. The export business serves a range of customers from government agencies to large multinational companies to local businesses. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc. Grainger sells its complete offering wholesale to business customers, while also serving individuals. Grainger reserves the right to accept or reject any order. Customers are responsible for payment of all applicable taxes, or providing a valid sales tax exemption certificate.

Products are shipped F. Other terms and conditions may apply for freight collect, special handling, dabory shipments outside the contiguous United States.


Fuel surcharges may be applied. Title and risk of loss pass to catalpgo upon tender of the shipment to carrier. For business customers with established Grainger credit, payment terms are net 30 days from the date of shipment or pick-up.

If payment is not received within the 30day period, Grainger may defer or cancel all or part of any shipment or order. Anticipation and cash discounts catalogoo not allowed. Product Return for Business Customers: For business customers, product returns, if allowed must be made within one 1 year from date fabpry purchase, unless otherwise indicated. Customer should call the local Grainger branch, or go to Grainger. Returned product must be in original packaging, unused, undamaged, and in saleable condition.

Proof of purchase is required in all cases. Product returns may be denied or made subject to restocking fees and other charges by Grainger. Other Products and Services: Orders for export and products and services not listed in this Catalog are subject to separate terms and conditions; see Grainger.

Grainger will promptly provide an exchange or refund if the product is returned within 30 days of delivery, in its original packaging and with proof of purchase from Grainger. To purchase regulated refrigerant products, all customers must present a certification card or sign a statement of resale to complete the purchase.

Product Compliance and Suitability: Customer is solely responsible for reliance on or use of any product information, and for use or application of any product. Certain products may not be available for sale in all areas.

In order to determine your particular state’s standards applicable to the products you purchase for use in or for potable water applications, direct your inquiries to the appropriate regulatory agency in your state.

Catalogo Grainger | PDF Flipbook

In order to determine the federal standards applicable to the products you purchase for use in or for potable water applications, visit http: For identification of products impacted by these regulations, go to Grainger. The State of California requires that certain warnings be given concerning products which contain chemicals subject to Proposition For identification of products which contain chemicals subject to Proposition 65, go to Grainger.

Applicable Proposition 65 warning ssee below, are provided upon product purchase.