: Carte Blanche: The New James Bond Novel ( James Bond) ( ): Jeffery Deaver: Books. Carte Blanche is a James Bond novel written by Jeffery Deaver. Commissioned by Ian Fleming Publications, it was published in the United Kingdom by Hodder. Carte Blanche, By Jeffery Deaver. It has fallen to a US thriller writer to re-issue ‘s license to kill. How does he handle this most English of.

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T o write a bt James Bond novel: The prospect of those millions of fans looking over your shoulder, nit-picking at every potential failure of tone or detail, must daunt even the most ardent admirer of Ian Fleming’s urbane hero.

Carte Blanche by Jeffery Deaver

Sebastian Faulks, the last contemporary writer to receive the imprimatur of the Fleming estate for an adult Bond novel, took a lot of flak on fan sites for his addition to the canon, Devil May Care. There was a suspicion jffery the highly regarded literary novelist viewed this excursion into genre as slumming it, and that the resulting book was little more than an exercise in pastiche.

The Fleming estate has perhaps decided to avoid any such criticism this time around by commissioning veteran thriller writer Jeffery Deaver, who unwittingly revealed his credentials when nlanche spoke warmly of his admiration for Bond’s creator after winning the Ian Fleming Steel Dagger award in After 28 suspense novels, there is no doubt that Deaver knows his way around a thriller plot, and Bond fans should be satisfied with the rollicking pace of ‘s new adventure, which barely gives our hero time cart sit down for a martini or glance at his Rolex Oyster Perpetual before the plot twists and lurches off on another page-turning race against the clock.


Unlike Faulks’s novel, which was set in as a direct continuation of Fleming’s original cartee, Deaver has chosen to transport the character firmly into the present.

There’s an initial jarring when you read, a few pages in, that Bond is “in his thirties”, but suspension of disbelief is a requirement for any Bond novel, regardless of decade.

So it’s just taken for granted that Bond jefferyy, like the Doctor, somehow regenerated. Deaver’s challenge is to achieve a balance between redrawing Bond as a plausible 21st-century hero and retaining the familiar characteristics that make him uniquely Bond — something which the films have long grappled with.

Carte Blanche (novel) – Wikipedia

Its agents are charged with defending the jeffefy “by any means necessary” — carte blanche, in other words, to step outside the law when the situation demands.

M, Moneypenny and Mary Goodnight are all present and recognisable none jrffery this reinventing M as a womanthough Q has become a cricket-loving techno wizard of Indian heritage named Sanu Hirani, and Bond’s most trusted gadget is an advanced version of the iPhone nicknamed, naturally, the iQphone with all manner of apps for surveillance.

After a hair-raising opening sequence in Serbia featuring car chase, shoot-out and the near-derailment of a train carrying lethal chemicals, Bond’s main mission is to prevent a massive terrorist atrocity.


The only clue is an intercept promising thousands of deaths on the night of Friday 20th, with British interests adversely affected. Bond finds himself pitted against the murky Severan Hydt, magnate of a global empire of refuse collection and recycling — a nicely topical metaphor.

Hydt is a particularly Deaveresque villain, a man whose macabre fascination with death and decay verges on pornographic. Deaver is a master of the twist in the tale and he deploys it here with cinematic verve, keeping the reader biting their nails until the deavdr minute perhaps unsurprisingly, the novel feels coloured by a consciousness of Bond’s screen legacy — one character is even described as resembling Jerfery Winslet, for the benefit of future casting directors.

But the author’s affection for Bond and for all the tropes that surround him is abundantly clear, so that Carte Blanche reads like a lovingly crafted homage rather than deliberate pastiche. Deaver’s Bond is quite recognisably Bond, but a new, streamlined incarnation for a new generation of global fears. Topics Thrillers The Observer.

Book review: Carte Blanche by Jeffery Deaver

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