But Wayne Grudem introduces a novel concept: business itself glorifies God See how your business, and your life in business, can be dedicated to GodÕs glory. Grudem offers solid guidance for avoiding marketplace temptations while simultaneously Business for the Glory of God () by Wayne Grudem. (96 pages) Can business activity in itself be morally good and pleasing to God? Sometimes business can seem so shady–manipulating the “bottom line,”.

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It was short but had a lot of impact.

I will probably be recommending my business coaching clients read this! When you are beyond your means? Christian businesspeople might sometimes feel a bit guilty over their jobs. Ownership allows us to save resources for others 1 Tim 5: In his brief book just gusiness pagesBusiness for the Glory of God: Trivia About Business for the I hadn’t but I have now.

Simply said and with reference to back up his points. But that is exactly what this book is going to claim. I highly recommend it. Concerns Grudem draws from various Old Testament texts to “prove” that each of these areas is inherently good and part of God’s plan.

Competition makes us better, causes us to goory to produce more from what we’re given part of the process of subduing the earthand to be gruudem best we can be.

Business for the Glory of God – Wayne Grudem

A must read for anyone who wrestles with guilt from owning tod profitable business. May 18, Phil Whittall rated it it was ok. But, through an unwavering faith, as strong as the Mount of Zion I chose so. I wish this was longer.


Mar 08, Daniel Threlfall rated it liked it Shelves: Wouldn’t read it again and wouldn’t recommend to anyone in particular. We “manifest interdependence and thus reflect the interdependence and interpersonal love among the members of the Trinity.

Business for the Glory of God: The Bible’s Teaching on the Moral Goodness of Business

Grudem Crossway Books- Religion – 96 pages 9 Reviews https: Jan 21, Ryan Watkins rated it really liked gld Shelves: Aug 06, Nicholas Lewis rated it liked it Shelves: He argues that business is neither evil nor even morally neutral but inherently good and created by God.

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I was a little disappointed at how small the book was, but I’m looking forward to his larger work to which he alluded in this one. I thought this wajne a helpful primer on how to think about business from a biblical perspective.

Helpfulness of the Book Overall, the book has a helpful perspective on business, though it is broader than just business, since much of it also applies to personal finances. Overall a great summary of how business can be used to bring honor to God.

The book ends with two chapters: Despite it’s brevity, the book becomes a bit tedious since each chapter except the last two follows the same pattern. But it’s worth the read and I think it probably is subsumed by Grudem’s massive work on politics that came out a year or two ago.

What a great way to give glory to God! So Wayne Grudem steps up to give a theological defence for making a profit. I understand debt as a significant transaction which now indebts you to the lender. Effect on world poverty Again, this is a primer, as it’s only 83 pages before notes and index. God has endowed people differently in terms of backgrounds, talents, access to resources, etc.


In some cases, I believe his assessment of Scripture is accurate. Rather it is a legitimate sphere of creation which is honouring to He did an excellent analysis of various aspects of business such as ownership, profit, competition, and borrowing and lending.

Finally, the book seems aimed at combating those who think business is fundamentally evil and that it seems is a scheme of the devil. Jan 03, David Carroll rated it it was ok Shelves: The main thesis is that business is considered by many Christians to be morally neutral: I teach economics to undergraduates and non-traditional college students on Christian campuses and would gladly use this book in my classes as a devotional or weekly discussion material.

Psalms and 37 seem to commend lending. This is a helpful messag In his brief book just under pagesBusiness for the Glory of God: In the first area of consideration, ownershipGrudem draws his readers to one of the Ten Commandments in Exodus A while ago my friend Matt Hosier asked me if I read this book.

It’s short, too, so it won’t take long! While there is a difference between the moral laws we consider to be binding today and the laws God gave Israel as theocratic law, this is not delineated in the book, even though conclusions are drawn from both. At best, Christian businesspeople feel that their business job is morally neutral.