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Private Health Insurance Standard Information Statement – General Treatment Policy. This Statement provides basic information for the purposes of comparison . Compare Bupa Extras Health Insurance cover options and find a suitable eventually capping at maximums broadly equivalent to a Silver policy after 6 or 7 . We review what Bupa health insurance has to offer, by comparing their hospital plans, Silver Extras: Your Choice Extras & additional benefits.

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Was this review helpful? Verified Customer Insurance claim made. Codi asked on Aug 20, Hi Codi, I do not know how much the cover is. I just did a product review of Bupa. All I can say is I extrsa not choose them. I have changed to ‘WestFund’. I did a lot of investigating and they were the best for me.

Use product islver and you will see that Bupa does not get many good reviews. Julie replied on Aug 21, Unless you have some ongoing health problem you are wasting your money with private health insurance.

And even if you do have an ongoing health problem you won’t get any benefit for at least a year’s worth of payments because the problem is “preexisting”. So you pay for two years premiums, then pay up the “excess” and then pay the gaps, and you will then find you were better off not buying the insurance because you get far less back than you paid.

So don’t do it! The only time you need to get private cover is when you get to an income where the extra tax for not having insurance is more than the insurance premiums, and that’s a pretty high income, you are not likely to be making that much at age MDofPerth replied on Aug 21, Ngetich Edwin K asked on Jan 09, Ash asked on Sep 11, Congratulations I wish you a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy. See your doc and get the date of conception from scans they can tell and get them to provide a letter.

Babies are born prem all the time it’s date if conception if they continue to be difficult report to private health ombudsman. I was on a separated family policy and BUPA did not tell me ex deleted me they lest me uninsured and unaware and refuse to acknowledge or change estras system to ensure this doesn’t happen to others. I went thru choose well and now with HCF. Sort and move as they do not care about their members.

Good luck and I wish you the very best as you embark on Motherhood typical xover BUPA to stress you at this time take care xxx. Deb Bowey replied on Sep 29, My second time coming to Members own for advice.

Melecia was very thorough and helped significantly towards me making a wise choice. After signing up through another company Members Own found us another policy with the same health fund that was more suited to our use with a lower Our Health Fund was reviewed and got a better fund for better price. Very satisfied with the outcome. Write a review Ask a question. Your trust is our top concern. Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. Good staff, cover the basics.


I’ve had ambulance cover with Bupa for years nothing else, just in case I’m in an accident. I called today to change my name in their system and the guy on the phone was a delight.

He made it easy to change my details, and based on conversation he offered to transfer me to another team for more information without being pushy or obnoxious about it. Every service has good and bad people – just always read the fine print! Write a review on ProductReview. Looking for Insurance Comparison Websites? Insurance claim made Not so bad. BUPA is no different to any other health insurer.

You need to read the policies and know what you are covered for. I changed to BUPA for 1 reason and that is they cover xrays and radiology supplied by Qldxray in a private hospital.

Read your policies before complaining and know what you are covered for. I have had surgery since being with BUPA with no problems and my claim was paid on the day of admission. No out of pockets except my excess. You never know when you will need a hospital admission.

If you want private health care then pay for it and check what is included in your policy. Be an informed consumer.

Bupa Health Insurance Review

Insurance claim made Bupa is a Ripping machine with no legit reasons for their actions. I don’t understand who on earth give them the permission to activate my policy without my consent and plus the Customer Service manger itself is so rude, she has no legit reasons for holding on to my policy. This is the ridiculous services ever expected from a health provider. Never ever take Bupa policy. No similarities between words and action.

Complaints recevied, promised action but went into hybernation after many reminders. I request everyone not to go for Bupa. They just ducked me for 3 years! Covre claim made Pre-Existing condition claim will not be paid – One single answer for all doesn’t matter. All they say is pre-existing condition. Renewed policy against my request, withdrew funds, then only partially refunded. I’ve had health cover with Bupa for three years and never made a claim. My premiums were going up regardless and Bjpa emailed them several months before my policy was due for its annual renewal.

I told them I was looking at other packages and I did not want to renew. They took nearly 2k from my account anyway, which were funds earmarked for my mortgage repayments that I then couldn’t pay – bad for my credit exrtas.

I emailed again trying to get the money back and so far have only succeeded in getting 1. The only email response I’ve ever received is them wanting to siver my eextras number.

  AL460A-7 - PDF

Insurance claim made Sneaky, money stealing, poor customer service. Have been with Bupa independently for 4 years and when deciding what bupaa to go with I specifically requested a level that will cover any sporting injuries. Four years later I require surgery for and because the coover is scheduled after days of the accident, Bupa refused to cover the cost.

Firstly, having a cap on the time frame of surgery is very unreasonable as the injury has since progressed to the stage of needing surgical intervention. Secondly, Bupa did not even try to accommodate or compensate for poor recommendations by their staff in the ckver place. Which is just simply poor customer service. After not making any claims in the four years of paying thousands of dollars, how can this not be covered.

You’ve lost several customers due to this incident, as well as a poor reference in the future.

The worst experience ever. I waited for more than one hour even when there was just 2 person ahead of me sllver queue. Don’t waste your time with them they are trash.

I signed and paid for my mother’s policy and then they bpa talk to me. I said it was who called to sign up and now when policy is done they can’t talk to me.

A total scam sillver nonsense. My worst experience today at the dentist, I discovered that I had dishonoured payments which I paid in the past as direct debit after receiving MSGsurprisely Bupa didn’t bother to take the money or to let me know.

Why I need to pay corporate top level cover when I go twice a year to seee the dentist and maybe one major treatment and when I need to use it I can’t because of Bupa bad communication around payments.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions | Bupa Dental

I have been with them for last four years. Wanted to renew the current cover, called them, they told me the price thats different to what i found online in their site. Their explanation is the premium goes up as you are more with us. Thought its the other way round Had enough, time to switch to a new solver Verified Customer Insurance claim made Cancelled my policy and notified me after 4 months.

My Bupa direct debit failed in May I contacted them and made a payment via their automated phone payments service. I was naturally under the impression that my payments were up to date. Received a letter on 9th of November that silvef policy was cancelled in June. I asked for a payment plan and they refused. And the cherry on top was how sarcastic and unphased they were about losing a customer.

They just don’t care. A bunch of arrogant staff. Verified Customer Bad Bad Bad!!!!!