Machines (building). Architect Table. Auto Workbench. Builder. Electronic Library. Filler. Mining Well. Quarry. Recipe Packager. Requester. Zone Planner. BuildCraft is a mod that extends Minecraft with a system of powered when supplied a recipe and ingredients, will pump out crafted items. Needed for, Additional Buildcraft Objects BuildCraft was the original mod to introduce Minecraft Joules (MJ) but has Recipe Packager ยท.

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Mod BuildCraft Current version 3. Minecraftforum threadBuildCraft Wiki Wikia. Wooden Gears are needed for the construction of a variety of building materials and machines, including the Redstone Engine and other gears.

Iron Gears are needed for the construction of a variety of machines as well as Gold Gears. Gold Gears are needed for the construction of a variety of advanced machines as well as Diamond Gears. Diamond Gears are needed for the construction of the highest tier machines, which include the Quarrythe Refinery and the Builder.

Oil is a black, opaque liquid that occurs naturally in the world of Minecraft. It can be found in the form of geysers or small pools in almost all biomes, including the open ocean. Oil pools are probably the easiest to find in desert biomes, where they are quite abundant. You can save yourself a lot of trouble searching for oil by heading directly for a desert biome.

If you have a minimap, the puddles will be even easier to find. It can be picked up with regular bucket, however, it is much easier to obtain if you set up a Pumpand connect it to a Tank using Waterproof Pipes. You can then draw it out of the tanks and into a Refinery in order to turn it into fuel for the powering of Combustion Engineswhich you need to run a Quarry. You can use raw oil to run your combustion engines, it is however recommended to refine it into fuel instead, which burns with a much higher efficiency.

Aside from tanks and buckets, oil can also be picked up and stored in capsules from Forestry and Industrial Craft. Fuel is an amber-colored liquid that does not occur naturally in the world and that cannot be placed, either. It is created by refining oil in the Refinery and like oil, it can be stored in Tanks. One unit of fuel burns 7. You can withdraw fuel from a tank by rightclicking the tank with an empty bucket. Capsules and cans from Forestry and Industrial Craft can also be used to withdraw fuel, and as opposed to buckets, those capsules and cans can also be stacked.

The Wooden Transport Pipe can pull items out of inventories like chests, furnaces, machines etc. It needs to be powered by an engine to able to withdraw items, and the amount of items it can pull out depends on the engine: If the block the items are being pulled out of has several inventories, you need to pay close attention to where you place the Wooden Transport Pipe.

If you want to access a furnace, for example, you have to place the pipe at the top if you want to access the input slot, if you want to access the fuel slot, you have to place it at the bottom, and if you want to access the output slot, you have to place the pipe at one of the sides of the block. The Cobblestone Transport Pipe is one of the most basic pipes and has no other functions besides transporting items.

It does not connect to Stone Transport Pipes, which you can use to construct compact, yet diverse transport systems that don’t take up much space. The Stone Transport Pipe is one of the most basic pipes and has no other functions besides transporting items.


It does not connect to Cobblestone Transport Pipes, which you can use to construct compact, yet diverse transport systems that don’t take up much space. The Sandstone Transport Pipe can connect to other transport pipes, but will not connect to chests, machines or other blocks that have an item inventory. This allows the construction of much more compact piping setups for item processing and sorting. The Iron Transport Pipe is a one-way pipe, where items can enter from up to five directions, but leave from only one exit.


The exit side, or the output, is the clear one, while the entry sides are of a light grey color. You can change the output direction by either right-clicking the pipe with a Wrenchor by applying a Redstone signal. Items that pass through buildcract Golden Transport Pipe receive a significant speed boost that will last for about 16 blocks in Cobblestone Transport Pipesand a bit longer in Stone Transport Buildcgaft.

The Diamond Transport Pipe acts as a filter for all items that pass through it. All pipes that are attached to it will be assigned a bbuildcraft black, grey, red, blue, green or yellow. You can then rightclick the Diamond Transport Pipe with a Wrench to adjust which items should go into which direction. In order to so, place those items in the colored item slots.

Buildcrzft where no items are specified will receive all incoming items, except the ones that are specified in other rows. You have connected a total of four pipes to a Diamond Transport Pipe, and the connected pipes are marked with the colors black, grey, red and blue. The black pipe is the “incoming pipe”, where the items are coming from. You place Cobblestone in the red row and Dirt in the blue row. All incoming Cobblestone will now be redirected to the pipe connected on the red output side, all Dirt will be redirected to the pipe connected on the blue output side, and all other item will be redirected to the pipe connected on the grey output side, since there are no items specified in the row.

The Obsidian Transport Pipe acts as a collector that can builscraft up items that are dropped on the floor or in a storage minecart and forward them to connected pipes. Normally, buildcrafft can only pick up items that directly touch it. However, its range increases if you power it with an engine.

When powered buildcraaft an engine, the amount of items it can suck up is similar to the Wooden Buildfraft Pipe: Like the Wooden Transport Pipethe Emerald Transport Pipe needs to be powered by an engine and can draw items out of chests.

In addition to that, it has a GUI in which you can specify up to nine items that buildcrafh be drawn out of a connected inventory. Rightclick bbuildcraft pipe without a wrench in your hand to open the GUI. The items are extracted in a Round Robin manner, which means that the pipe will extract one of each items as specified in the filters GUI, starting from the left.

So if you put two Cobblestone, one Dirt and one Gravel in the filter, the pipe will extract items in the following order: After that, it will start again at 1. If no items are specified in the GUI, nothing buipdcraft be extracted out of the builrcraft inventory. The Void Transport Pipe will delete all items that enter it. It provides a safer and less CPU-intensive way of deleting items than dropping them in lava or onto buiodcraft cactus.

Pipe Waterproof is necessary for making pipes suitable for the transport of liquids like water, lava and oil. The Wooden Waterproof Pipe can pull liquids out of a tanka refinery or any other kind of compatible container or machinery. It needs to be powered by an engine. The Stone Waterproof Pipe is a basic transport pipe for liquids. Like regular transport pipes, it does not connect to its Cobblestone equivalent.

You can use this to recipex compact, yet diverse pipeline systems that don’t take up much space. The Cobblestone Waterproof Pipe is a basic transport pipe for liquids. Like regular transport pipes, it does not connect to its Stone equivalent.

Like the Sandstone Transport Pipethe Sandstone Waterproof Pipe only connects to other liquid pipes, and not to machines or storage blocks for liquids.

You can use this for more compact piping setups. The Iron Waterproof Pipe accepts incoming liquids from up to five directions, but only outputs to one single direction. The incoming directions will be masked in grey, while the reciles of the output is indicated by a clear pipe.


You can change the output direction by rightclicking it with a wrenchor by applying a redstone signal. It buildcaft useful for combining several incoming streams into one single pipe. The Golden Waterproof Pipe transports liquids faster than any other kind of liquid pipe.

While inside the pipe, liquids will be transported at the rate of 1. Note that as opposed to Golden Transport Pipes the transport of liquids is only accelerated while the liquids are inside the Golden Waterproof Pipe. The Emerald Waterproof Pipe acts like a regular Wooden Bui,dcraft Pipebut it can draw liquids four times faster out of a container or a machine.

Like a regular Buikdcraft Waterproof Pipe, it needs to be powered by an engine.

BuildCraft – Feed The Beast Wiki

If combined with a pumpthis can be used to completely drain a pond recpes a small lake, or to get rid of a lava pit. The Wooden Conductive Pipe is used to extract Buildcraft energy from engines.

Just place it next to an engine that is not aligned to any other block that requires engine power. Using Redstone Engines is not recommended, as their power output is so low that all the energy generated by them will vanish during builecraft. Use Steam Engines or Combustion Engines instead. The Stone Conductive Pipe is used to transport Buildcraft energy from the engines that generate it to the blocks that builcdraft it to operate.

The Buildcrfat Conductive Pipe can transport energy over long distances. Unlike the Stone Conductive Pipe, it only loses 0. The wrench can be used to rotate and orient Engines and Transport Pipes as well as configure Logistics Pipes. For example, you can use it to determine the output side of an Iron Transport Pipe.

If you power a buldcraft with a Redstone signal, for example from a Redstone torch or a lever, it will emit blue beams that are not stopped by terrain into all six directions. You can use this as a guide for placing your next landmarks – make sure that every landmark has direct line-of-sight with at least one other landmark, and that one single buildcravt has direct line-of-sight with all other landmarks.

Note that like torches, you can place landmarks on walls as well. Once you have placed at least three landmarks four for three-dimensional areasrightclick them with a Wrench so that they connect with each other screenshot 1screenshot 2. The Pathmark is a very peculiar tool that can only be used in conjunction with a Builder. buidlcraft

Recipe Images

Unlike Landmarksthey do not need to be placed in a rectangular manner in order to be able to connect with each other. When you rightclick a Pathmark with a Wrenchit will connect itself with the nextmost two Pathmarks through a red line, forming a path.

If you then place a Builder in front of either the start Pathmark or the end Pathmark, all Pathmarks will create a black-yellow-striped path. Supply the Builder with a blueprint or a template, energy and sufficient materials, and it will reproduce the blueprint or the template as often as possible unto the path. If you harness this function cleverly, you can use it to automate the construction of roads, railroads, mineshafts or large farms. The Redstone Engine is the weakest, but also the cheapest of all BuildCraft engines.

You can switch it on by applying a redstone buildcraf to it. Once the engine is switched on, it will progressively heat up and get faster, which is indicated by the color of its main shaft. Buildcract, as opposed to the Steam Engine or the Combustion Engineit does not blow up as long as it is connected to something that something does not even have to be active.