เครื่องตั้งสายแบบเข้าแร็ค Behringer BTR, 2-Ch Auto Chromatic Tuner for The Behringer RACKTUNER BTR is a multi-function tuner with a built-in. RACKTUNER BTR Page 2. 2. RACKTUNER BTR CAUTION: .. Full terms of the warranty may be found on our website at Find great deals for Behringer Racktuner BTR 2 CH Tuner Rack Light. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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This isn’t the care with this tuner, though. There was absolutely a very weak response from the open e-string. In addition to the tuner functionality, the unit also offers an adjustable metronome, with an audible and visual beat indicator, and the ubiquitous tap tempo function. Rated 4 out of 5 by Anonymous from For the price, can’t be beat I use the product live on a weekly behtinger, and also routinely at home to tune up before practicing.

A band that tunes at a different note than concert A will find this unit helpful as it will memorize the setting of their detuned note and consider it ‘A’ when they tune, allowing for a quick job. On the cents accuracy scale. This product is no longer available.

I have encountered this problem on other tuners, but was hoping this one would not be the same. I could not believe it The Hot Vintages are the highest output pups I own. If this is true if the Hz capped atand no, it is not a problem of user setting.


Just beware that their hardware can usually buckle under a bit of strenuous activity. I use it for 2 years. Shopping cart Change content. The results on channel 2 and standalone are similar. The BTR looked beefier than Kong and much cheaper than sabine. Featuring a stylish led design and a super lightweight construction yet durablethis is a fine product for its price.

Free delivery from 50 euros Deliveries within the Netherlands are free for orders over 50 euro, deliveries within Belgium are free for orders over 99 euro. Then on the low e-string, the tuner light was everywhere except at the right spot. With Berhinger, s should not expect miracles, and yet The Korg dtr was Euro dollar. So far, it’s performing up to expectation, and I feel it was a great investment for the price.

The internal computer allows for memorized settings as well as various modes making this more than just a rack tuner. I personally do not like Behringer.

Bref to be seen as a gimmick interesting and useful little s’averrer. Unfortunately it can be crazy slow to pickup on low frequencies low E on a bass coming first to mind. Accessories for Studio and Producer. On a 7-string expected nothing from it. It should be mentioned however that Behringer gear, on the low-end, can be a little fragile, however once this is racked it shouldn’t be removed too often so it will stay safe, it’s just that some of their gear has some kind of hard plastic behrinyer they use and it can easily take on scrapes, mars and even in some cases, knobs are usually found to be falling off or breaking.


And while walking niquel, with very little latency! The tuner response for the a-d-g-b-e strings was fast and accurate.

Behringer Racktuner BTR 2 CH Tuner Rack Light | eBay

Keymusic has 20 music stores in Belgium and the Netherlands. I would hesitate perhaps with a CT Polytune for eacktuner guitar, even if it is different because it’s a pedal. Parts for Guitars, Basses, Effects and Amps. In practice and for my copy of the tuner does not work at all.

Behringer BTR2000 Racktuner

Behribger can choose to tune by plugging directly into the BTR, using the built-in microphone or tuning to a reference tone. I have found Behringer gear to be adequate for home use but it does not meet the standards or take the abuse of gigging.

You can change the tuner from 5 cent, for a quick tune between songs, or 1 cent, for recording or before shows. Drum Sticks and Mallets. Buy on eacktuner website used equipment, specifications were enticing.