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Started by Mark Burnley The Lab. Started by plexirob The Lab.

I checked Central’s website and the drawing was unclear to me, and I don’t want to hook this thing up backwards. If I’m looking down on the flat side with the legs facing down, is the pinout E-B-C starting from the left leg and working towards the right?

BD Datasheet PDF –

By the way, are you sure the 2N is a replacement for the BD? I bd5177 find a BD datasheet on the web except from one site that is subscription-only. Transistors in such a package generally have a higher power rating than those found in TO92s. Thanks for the info, Dave.


Pinout for BD replacement CEN 2N

I’m not sure it’s a direct replacement because I bought the parts for my clone from someone who didn’t have much luck putting it together. I bought some boards from Gustav and am now in the process of removing parts from the old board and installing them on the new board.

I’m checking everything during the transfer, and, like you, I was wondering about this substitution because it’s not the same size as datqsheet similar part right next dstasheet it.

I guess I’ll have to wade through all the posts on the to see about correct replacements for parts that aren’t available. But watch the different pin-out!

Pinch them between to pieces of metal sheet for heatsink. They also have flat profiles on front and back so they can be mounted between two sheet metals. This allows them to dissipate power better than regular TO packages. January 19, June 13, June 28, Bd17 16, ,