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Auioxpress this article was written many years ago, the tests are still just as valid. This will fit both long and short versions. August 31, by Bill Reeve. InKirk Elliott shared his take on the design, transforming the stock Champ into a quieter, safer, and more reliable studio amplifier.

Audio Express AudioXpress Magazine October Hobby Audio Technology | eBay

I received payment again for this article. February 25, by Rick Spencer. Any comments, corrections, or additions are welcome. As Rick Spencer writes in its introduction, “In order for this beloved hobby of ours to thrive and survive well into the future, we must always strive to make it interesting to newcomers. The Audio Voice Newsletter. October 12, by George Ntanavaras. Watch and clock dials were very common back then but the dial painters suffered from ingesting the radioactive paint from the required process of lip-pointing.

This is a construction project. The photographer that Sonotone used for their advertising took the photos.

Simple and then more complex and expensive measurements are described. No crossovers are used and electronic equalization corrects for response. The exceptional performance led to investing in a system having even smaller and much more expensive drivers that are of higher quality.


I gained feet of shelf space this way. There were no computers and no word processing programs. Detailed instructions and diagrams for the cabinet and crossover are given, including how to make your own crossover coils. Ron Tipton was deeply impressed with this amplifier project which used only five transistors per channel, two of them being current sources. August 5, by Bill Reeve. The ear is aurioxpress biological transducer transforming acoustical energy into mechanical energy and then to electrical pulses.

It’s also “sudden death” if you accidentally put your foot through the ceiling below. May 31, by Vincent Thiernesse. Published Articles by Roger Russell These pages are copyrighted No portion of this site may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission of the author.

There are many other photos and graphs in the article. This article was originally published in audioXpress, April These are LED light bulbs to replace the factory incandescent bulbs.

This test was similar to the way we tested microphones where I worked at the Sonotone Corporation. Jfet line amp, minimal amp design, current source xover filters, simple audio system, Hi-end preamp, MTM spk kit review. Well planned and constructed Includes all new bulbs.

Quality Issues in Iron Core Coils. October 7, by Erno Borbely.

Mighty Mouse: A PP 25L6 Amplifier

Understanding how we hear can provide more appreciation and enjoyment even for everyday sounds. They are brand new replacements with the correct color caps. This article was originally published in audioXpress October Your basket has been updated, what would you like to do now? The units and values for the measurements in mR are correct. The project started with a clean auduoxpress, looking to address potentiometer design with a quality that rivaled existing designs while maintaining a reasonable cost.


These pages are copyrighted No portion of this site may be reproduced in whole or in part without aaudioxpress permission of the author. Construction is described for use with a stereo power amplifier.

Etalage and Rex Cole Mystery Clocks. Accurately setting the bias level for push-pull output stages is important to maximize amplifier performance and tube life. October 21, by Bruce W.

AudioXpress Magazine

A simple transistor circuit and lamp are connected at the power amplifier output. A great tube-based amplifier for phono and line sources, featuring a very subtle bass enhancement control using negative feedback to enhance only selected frequencies, below Hz.

He wanted a versatile preamplifier that would work well in a variety of situations, and which could adioxpress conveniently in a suitcase. This article was originally published in audioXpress, May We thought it was time to make it available online in its entirety, in the best possible quality. The input and output jacks are at the right side. After about seven go-arounds, it was ready to submit for publication. Serving enthusiasts, audiophiles and industry professionals through publishing periodicals, directories and books.

The unit was easy to install and adjust, and did all that could be expected.