the industry. The full letter is worth a read and echoes many of the points we have made over the past few years. April TEF Commentary. Eclectica Fund’s April TEF Commentary. Posted on 25/05/ | Leave a comment. Eclectica Fund’s April Commentary April April TEF Commentary Posted via email from martinjarcher’s posterous.

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Gilbert Achcar travelled to Berlin, Germany, to attend a conference November Rochana Bajpai went to Delhi, India, for research January Anne Booth travelled to South Africa July He then went to Johannesburg, South Africa, as a residential scholar September He then went to Ethiopia to conduct fieldwork December She then travelled to India, Thailand and Burma to undertake research on Elephants for a research project November He then travelled to Delhi, India, to give presentations 27 December — 16 January He will also conduct research for a monograph on Huang Kan’s 6th Century sub-commentary on the Analects, having been awarded a 3-month research grant by the Centre for Chinese studies at the National Library in Taipei 8 Dec – 4 Apr He then went to Hamburg, Germany, to take part in an editorial board meeting at the University of Hamburg for the Encyclopaedia of Asia and Africa October Tania Kaiser travelled to Uganda for research 26 April-2 May He then travelled to Marrakesh, Morocco, to present at a conference November Werner Menski travelled to Lucerne, Switzerland, to provide a keynote lecture for a symposium on critical legal studies November He then went to Bangalore, India, to be a discussant in a conference on law and commenhary November Nima Mina went to Munich, Germany, to undertake research August Irina Nikolaeva travelled to Dubrovnik, Croatia, to present a paper at a conference October Machiko Nissanke went to Arusha, Tanzania, to attend and act as resource person at the African Economic Research Consortium June Emilia Onyema travelled to Lagos, Nigeria, to conduct interviews and distribute questionnaires for a research project June She then travelled to Bolanzo, Italy, for co,mentary and research at the University of Bolanzo November Carlos Oya travelled to Uganda for fieldwork, research and a fair trade project July He then travelled to Ethiopia for fieldwork November Colin Poulton travelled to Rwanda as part of an existing project 27 January -6 February Julia Sallabank went to Jersey and the Isle hef Man commentarh meet with language policy, implementation and documentation colleagues November Laurence Smith visited Tiajin and Beijing, China, to present research on catchment management for control of diffuse water pollution December Laixiang Sun went to China to attend a conference and public lectures following invitation by the National Science Foundations of China September He then undertook research trips in China 30 October — 10 November She then travelled to Malaysia to conduct research on a scholar of Malaysian law 14 August-7 September Tian Yuan Tan went to Rome, Italy, to engage in research collaboration and to undertake work alril a book manuscript at the Sapienza University 30 June-7 July Frauke Urban went to Berlin, Hamburg, Oldenburg and Husum, Germany, to conduct fieldwork and interviews for Technological Trajectories project, wind energy case study September He will then travel to Barcelona, Spain, to teach a week-long intensive Burmese language course at the invitation of the Centre for the Promotion of Asian Affairs in Spain November