“APGENCO A.E’S (ELECTRICAL) QUESTION PAPER” of Written Examination Held on 22nd January Written Exam will be of. APGENCO Assistant Engineer AE Electrical written test held on . APGENCO AE Electrical Question Paper with Answers. APGENCO Question Papers, Model Papers, Previous Year Papers free download from AP Genco AE Question Year with Key. Class: AP GENCO. Subject: Assistant Engineer Electrical – APGENCO Syllabus .

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In an induction machine, if the air gap increased a Speed will be reduced b Efficiency will be improved c Power factor will be lowered d Breakdown torque will be reduced Ans: When V dc shunt machine generating the voltage at rated value. Share the Questions remembered with us through the Comments to help paoer Students those who are going to appear for the next time.

Va and Vb are negative sequence component voltages the difference angle between Va and Vb with respect to Va is a b c d Ans: April 4, 8: March 26, 7: March 30, 8: All those applicants can check the selection process for Assistant Engineer vacancies.


All of the above For parallel operation of transformer at no load, then load shared are equal when a Impedance is proportional with questiob to own KVA rating b c d Ans: April 18, 2: Heat convection, radiation, and conduction all are takes place in a Ice b Boiler c Refrigerator d Flue gases in pipe Ans: Total stator losses are 1 Quesgion.

APGENCO Question Paper with Solutions

As soon as possible. A CRO screen has ten divisions on the horizontal scale.

In Gauss Seidel method the following factors are influenced for operation a Acceleration factor b Selection of slack buss c Both d None Ans: Junior Plant Attendants No. Core loss component current decreases, Eelctrical component current decreases Make this Discussion Successful by [ It is good news for all the Job seekers to get employment in AP.

AE Written Exam held on 22nd January The two watt meters measurement the ratio of two meter readings is — 1-sqrt3: Practical method of improving string efficiency a Increasing crass arms length b Using different size of insulators c Using different insulator materials d Using of guard rings Ans: Bills of Exchange Which of the following plant is having lowest load factor?


All Eligible and Interested candidates need to apgneco […]. I changed my font at thecutestblogontheblock.

Long lines only 2. April 4, Find Z11 and Z In Induction motor Slip frequency of rotor current, when rotor speed is Nr. Posted by Srinivas goud at 8: In a shaded pole motor, shaded rings are used to a Field flux production b c d Ans: Less fluctuation from no-load to full-load March 17, 5: Decrease aphenco time and increase overshoot Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Sai Mohan Krishna Putti.