Soroush, Abd al-Karim. (b. ). Iranian intellectual and political activist. Studied pharmacology in Iran, and chemistry, history, and the philosophy of science in. Iranian Intellectuals on “Islam and Democracy” Compatibility: Views of Abdulkarim Soroush and Hasan Yousuf Eshkevari. intellectuals of Iran: Abdulkarim Soroush (b. ), who sees no contradiction between Islam and the freedoms inherent in democracy, and Hasan Yousuf.

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The Oxford Dictionary of Islam Covers the religious, political, and social spheres of global Islam in the modern world.

Abdolkarim Soroush

About a thousand audio tapes of speeches by Soroush on various social, political, religious and literary subjects delivered all over the world are widely in circulation in Iran and elsewhere. There was an introduction by Dr.

While in Tehran, Soroush established studies in both history and the philosophy of science. What emerged was that a democracy prevailed in different eras depending on the conditions of the time. Soroush’s ideas have met with strong opposition from conservative elements in the Islamic Republic. Abdolkarim Soroush What is Islamic Philosophy? Abdolali Bazargan to discuss the issue of domestic violence in Iran and […]. At the celebration of the sixteenth anniversary of the American embassy seizure inWright found that Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei “devoted more time berating Soroush Western Philosophy Islamic Philosophy.

Retrieved from ” https: There is not an independent historical research on Soroush’s role in events which led to the Cultural Revolution and also his membership and his role in the Cultural Revolution committee.

Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: He submitted his resignation from membership in the Cultural Revolution Council to Imam Khomeini and has sodoush held no official position within the ruling system of Iran, except occasionally as an advisor to certain government bodies.


The magazine was clamped down in among with many other magazines and newspapers by the direct order of the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic. Philosophy of Religion Social and political philosophy. Soroush, Abd al-Karim Source: Our accomplished sermonizer, who had surpassed all others in deftness of speech in the thirty years since sooush revolution, seemed […].

Soroush is primarily interested in the philosophy of science, philosophy of religion, the philosophical system of Molana Jalaleddin Balkhi Rumi and comparative philosophy.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5. The dead, in their white shrouds, stand and watch, and the prisoners clap with severed hands. After fleeing Iran with a battered body and a shattered mind and seeking refuge elsewhere, he was pouring out his anger and pain to me over the […].

His principal position has been that of a researcher in the Institute for Cultural Research and Studies.

The Iranian philosopher Abd al-Karim Soroush is an important thinker on the topics of religion knowledge and how this relates to reason.

From he served as a visiting scholar at the Wissenschaftkolleg in Berlin. Sign up to receive email alerts from Oxford Islamic Studies Online. During the Cold Krim period….

He was censured and barred from public teaching. Subscriber Services Contact Us Help. Faith cannot be compulsory.

Archived from the original on The ballot boxes tremble and ogres dance in the dark. Christianity is most in peril, I noted, in Muslim-majority jarim where either by official policy or official laxity, Christians are discriminated against, persecuted, tortured, threatened […].

He has been accused by orthodox critics of preventing the Islamization of human sciences and by the opposition of the Islamic Republic regime of Iran to involvement in the dismissal of teachers. AbculIslamReligious intellectualismPersian literature.

It was an error-strewn oration. The philosophy of Abdolkarim Soroush can be summarized as follows: Interview with Abdulkarim Soroush By: It was after receiving a master’s degree in analytical chemistry from University of London that he went to Chelsea Collegea constituent college of the University of London which was merged with two other constituent colleges: It testified to flagging oratory.


Soroush, Abd al-Karim – Oxford Islamic Studies Online

From Bazargan to Soroush, Brill,p. I would like, if I may, to address a few words to you. Sorousu entwines these basic values and beliefs in a rich tapestry of Islamic primary sources, literature, and poetry. He believes that the assumption of innate goodness of mankind, shared by radical Utopians from anarchists to Islamic fundamentalists underestimates the staying power of social evil and discounts the necessity of a government of checks and balances to compensate for the weaknesses of human nature.

Soroush rejected the opposition accusation. A law imposing penalties on anyone associating with enemies of the Islamic republic is thought by his allies to have been at least in part provoked by some of Soroush’s lectures and foreign affiliations. Abdolkarim Soroush was born in Tehran in Over the next year, he lost his three senior academic appointments, including a deanship. Soroush’s main contribution to Islamic philosophy is that he maintains that one should distinguish between religious as divinely revealed and the interpretation of religion or religious knowledge which is based on socio-historical factors.

Kaim dire is the persecution of Christians, Christianity is in danger of disappearing from its homeland. This section may be confusing or unclear to readers. In fact relativistic liberalism and democracy are not identical since democracy is not violated when a faith is embraced, it is violated when a particular belief is imposed or disbelief is punished. Soroush, too, was thus drawn into the field.