цоколевка: 29F64G08CBAAA datasheet. Описание: NAND Flash Memory / 64Gb, Gb, Gb, Gb Asynchronous/Synchronous NAND. Features. • Organization: • Page size: x8: 2, bytes (2, + 64 bytes) x 1, words (1, + 32 words). • Block size: 64 pages (K + 4K bytes). • Device. 29F64G08CBAAA MT29F64G08CBAAA Components datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet (data sheet) search for integrated.

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Sorry, can’t get the image to not resize, but if you zoom with the brower it is readable. Thanks XS for not being able to use attachemnts: That image resolution is only x Contrary to countless bad TV sequences, you cannot zoom in to get 29f64g088cbaaa detail than what is actually present in the bitmap to begin with!

D The database is a good idea, but it would be nice if we could read it.

29F64G08CBAAA Даташит – Datasheetcom

Have you considered putting it on google docs? Got datashwet from a thread somewhere else: It seems that as the page file size increases the page program and random read speed increase disproportionately; whilst the impact on sequential read and block erase times have little impact. There are some anomalies in the data.

It is hard to believe that both specifications are talking about the same thing with that big of a difference. But that 92f64g08cbaaa latency from the flash as well as the controller and SATA. So the flash itself would have to be even faster than us.

But most of the 8KiB flash seems to have us or greater for random read except for the Intel, again.

So it seems something is not right with some of the data. Here are a couple of screen shots showing the variation in random read times.


I don’t think the data sheets are showing anything that can not be observed in performance differences between different SSD’s. To issue this command, write 00h to the command register, then write five address cycles to the address register, and conclude by writing 31h to the command register.

The column address in the address specified is ignored. There is no restriction on the plane address.

29F64G08CBAAA Datasheet – NAND Flash Memory – Micron

At this point, data can be output from the cache register beginning at column address 0. This operation is also initiated by writing 00h to the command register along with followed by the four address input cycles. Once the command is latched, it does not need to be written for the following page read operation. Three types of operations are available: The random read mode is enabled when the page address is changed.

The bytes x8 device of data within the selected page are transferred to the data registers in less than access random read time tR. Once the data in a page is loaded into the registers, they may 92f64g08cbaaa read out in 30 ns cycle time by sequentially pulsing RE.

High to low transitions of the RE clock output the data stating from the selected column address up to the last column address. After the data of last column address is clocked out, the next page is automatically selected for sequential row read.

【29F64G08CBAAA MT】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 2018【Price】【Datasheet PDF】USA

Waiting tR again allows reading the selected page. The sequential row read operation is terminated by bringing CE high. The way the Read1 and Read2 commands work is like a pointer set to either the main area or the spare area Refer to Figure Writing the Read2 command user may selectively access the spare area of bytes to Addresses A0 to A3 set the starting address of the spare area while addresses A4 to A7 are ignored.


Unless the operation is aborted, the page address is automatically incremented for sequential row Read as in Read1 operation and spare sixteen bytes of each page may be sequentially read. Figure 9 to 11 show typical sequence and timings for 29f64y08cbaaa read operation. In the examples above the specs are directly comparable.

Faster flash interface design enables latency to be reduced or remain static with larger page file sizes, whilst bandwidth can be increased. I thought the was using MT Toggle mode. What the hell, Google? Is there an actual Chinese person who can tell me what the fudge this means? I adtasheet guess that Samsung is putting all most all of their NAND in cell phones and tables, and selling the other stuff for other’s peoples gear.

29F64G08CBAAA Datasheet

I wonder how many drives Samsung ships, as they are OEM for many manufacturers dataaheet their consumer and enterprise drives are probably a only tiny fraction of the whole. Samsung and Toshiba both are making it, Samsung had a press release about it some time ago. But that doesn’t mean it’s ready for 29f64gg08cbaaa time yet. BTW i think latest Corsair Performance Pros are shipping with 24nm nands not like the ones on reviewers say 32nm.